We are a copywriting collective for photographers.

And we’ll make your website words sound as good as your photos look.

“Do not hesitate. Your business is more than a logo and website: it’s your voice and message.

They are dang artists. They listened to me, challenged me to know myself better and got to the root of what I wanted to say— AND then said it better than anything I could have imagined.

They were helpful, clear and consistently available to me during the process. They heard me, tapped into my business and I am already seeing the results.

My clients get to see AND feel my passion for photographing them. The leads that come to me are stronger and more of my ideal client—they get me and I get them.”

From Our Clients

Hi, Rachel here.

I tried doing this business thing alone for years.

I thought Green Chair Stories lived and died by my blood, sweat, and sanity. 2020 showed me how untrue that was. Hashtag pandemilovato, having a second baby, moving across the country, burning myself all the way out …

It showed me that there’s really one thing about my job that I adore: the people. People like YOU and people like my team.

Leading a team lights me up. I have learned so much from these beautiful people and our clients have a much richer experience because of them. Every project we write gets more than one brain on it. We make each other stronger writers with every client we are lucky enough to work with.

So even though I built Green Chair Stories alone for years, it’s the best version of itself that’s ever existed. And it’s all because of these people:


Captain of Organization

Jess is a working (and unbelievably talented) documentary family photographer and the queen of details. It shows in her images and in her work for Green Chair Stories. She doesn’t miss anything and is so in tune with the world around her. She is steering this ship when it comes to communication with clients, inbox management, and overall organization. Absolutely nothing would happen around here without Jess.

She lives outside of Denver with her crew: her husband, her two ballerina daughters, 3 dogs, and 3 chickens.

Thick toast with strawberry jam
Bullet journaling and water color painting
An embarrassingly large number of Schitt’s Creek stuff: props from the set, a Schitt’s Creek snow globe, and several signed items. #NoShameInHerGame


Associate Writer

Erika was excused from Math class in elementary school to take Advanced Poetry and was published in Reader’s digest at the age of 9. Yet it took another decade or so and a comedy of errors to realize she was a writer. Now she spends her days listening to other people’s dreams and messy thoughts to help piece together the words for what they always wanted to say.

Against all odds (and her anxiety) she managed to find peace by leaving the city and cell reception to travel full time in a camper filled with her plant collection, 3 dogs, 1 cat, and badass partner.

Growing mushrooms, buying ducks, overpriced candles, webMD (x10)
Potatoes. The options are endless.
Going to the Denver Art Museum’s European portrait collection and playing smash or pass.


Associate Writer

In second grade, Jenny wrote her own mash-up of The Neverending Story meets Voyage of the Dawn Treader and was like, “Welp, sorry other career options, I’m a writer now.” She may be done with the fan-fiction, but she never tires of inhabiting different and distinct voices to help photographers tell their story.

She lives in central Denver with a senior tabby who meows like a baby, two young boys who never stop talking, and a husband who suffers all her food-based puns. If she’s not at home, check the coffee shop down the block or the closest bookstore.

Bespoke travel planning for laidback snobs
“The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels” (It’s bananas! I read a lot, and this one was unforgettable.)
Kale, crocs, and the term “hubby”


Associate Writer

At five years old, Kaitlyn’s answer to, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was — and I quote — reader/writer/president/table dancer (she literally loved dancing on tables and wanted to make a career out of it; no one panic). Needless to say, writer is what stuck. Kaitlyn loves having the opportunity to learn what’s amazing about photographers through their favorite clients, and then making them sound incredible in ways they don’t even realize until they read their copy.

When she isn’t writing, she’s clamoring up rock walls, eating breakfast tacos, re-watching Queer Eye, hiking, or enviously petting other people’s dogs.

Moving to a little plot of land in Vermont, opening up a cute airbnb, starting a vegetable garden, and adopting two Bernese Mountain Dogs
Sexual & reproductive health (her favorite job she’s ever had was healthcare assisting at Planned Parenthood)
“Know My Name” by Chanel Miller


Founder + Copy Director

What led Rachel to start Green Chair Stories in 2014? A degree in photojournalism, a career in nonprofits, a decade as a documentary family photographer, and juuuuust enough independence to be really bad at working for other people. Eight years in and she’ll never get sick of being the one who helps a photographer see how great they are through their website copy.

She lives with her giant husband, her giant dog, and her two tiny but probably soon-to-be-giant babies in a bungalow in the city.

Cookies (it’s fine if you just eat a salad later)
In the shower … and she’s got a waterproof notebook to prove it.


Chief Napping Officer

Bernadette was the first employee of Green Chair Stories. She spends her days napping and barking at the mailman and keeping Rachel company. She is worthless as far as work ethic and catching tennis balls goes. But she’s absolutely, without a doubt, 100% priceless when it comes to snuggles and cute faces.

Scavenging under high chairs for food
Forgetting she’s 80 pounds instead of 10
Plays dead for cheese

Fun Fact!

We are an entirely female team, who all live and love in Colorado. #shoplocal

What’s with the chair?

Before starting Green Chair Stories, Rachel worked at a nonprofit as a copywriter and photographer.

She had this big, beautiful green chair in her office. People would walk in and sink down into it with an immediate and obvious comfort.

Whether it was a person experiencing homelessness or the CEO, within minutes, they were talking about their lives—sometimes laughing hysterically and sometimes crying. And without fail, as they stood up, they would say:

“There’s just something about this green chair.”

And the chair became a metaphor for her work.

She wanted to build a business where people—you—feel like you’re seen and heard.

Green Chair Stories is a business where we believe everyone matters. Where every story you want to tell is worth listening to. And if you’re not sure which one you want to tell, we’re here to help.

Green Chair Stories copywriter for photographers

“‘How does this copywriter get me more than any therapist I’ve ever had?’

That was my partner’s first comment after our call. Their process was so thorough and really helped us be more ourselves in our branding. What I loved most about working with them is that they for sure gave us tough love and let us know what wasn’t working – but they first and foremost made sure every piece of copy on our site was aligned with our values and beliefs. 

I feel so much more confident in every piece of writing I put out now, even simple emails, based on their guidance. Everything about working with them was affirming and fun, and I suppose most importantly – our sales are going up :)”

From Our Clients

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