Announcing…Merritt + Grace!!

I am so excited to finally show you these photos and introduce you to the best new business in Denver…

Allison and Frances are great friends of mine – they worked together a few years ago, and stayed in touch when Allison left for another job.

They missed working together and recently made the bold decisions to leave their jobs and pursue their dream of opening their own marketing firmThese two have been working unbelievably hard for months and their big reveal is finally here! 

They called me this summer to take some photos for their site and I’ve been bursting with the news of their launch ever since!

I can’t tell you how much they deserve success. They are brilliant and talented and probably unstoppable.

They are also open and ready for business. If you need marketing, public relations or branding help, please call these two. It will be the best decision you and your business ever made.

Without further ado, here are the beautiful faces behind Merritt + Grace!

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