Fade to Black…Not Metallica

Last year, my church commissioned me to help out with a fun project. They were in the early stages of launching a new nonprofit, one that would consolidate the church’s various ministries under one umbrella. I got to interview some very cool people and help create some small marketing pieces to help us define what this new nonprofit is all about. (My friend Rachel is the brains and talent behind the design.)

There were some very apparent themes in the work my church was doing. The main one? Relationships. Sold-out, all-in, expensive love relationships. Relationships where people die to themselves and their desires to help someone else succeed. Relationships that can be awkward and trying, but grow both people involved. So these postcards helped tell some of those stories. 

Our church is officially launching this thing on SUNDAY!!!

Fade to Black is name … the previews are over and it’s time for the main event to start! It’s going to be all about where we’ve been, but mostly where we’re going. It is such an exciting time to be a part of Providence and I am so proud of our leadership for making this bold move. Want more info?


The details are all here. If you have more questions…shoot me an email. 

The Providence Center for Urban Leadership Development (what a mouthful!) is a 2-year fellowship program that is all about growing leaders to serve in urban communities. It attracts highly motivated individuals who want to change the world, but also what to change their own perspectives and possible stereotypes as they do it. It is an intensive program to say the very least. The fellows are some of the busiest people in our church and they are so valued. They teach us all what it looks like to live all-in for a cause or people group.

Single Mom’s Night Out is exactly that. Our church offers a meal, child care, good teaching of the Word, and a chance to just hang for the single moms in our community. Have you ever thought about how you just need a night away from your kids? A night that’s about you? Well, imagine how much more you would feel that way if it was just you, alllll the time. Single moms are superheroes, I’m convinced. And this night, every other week, celebrates them. It also inspires our volunteers to new levels of strength after seeing it in these moms.

Strong Tower Ministries is our ministry to ex-offenders. We provide a place for people coming out of prison to come and use computers to write resumes and job search, as well as a church service called Refuge each Thursday night. Thousands of people have been blessed by this ministry.

The Refugee Ministry is run with almost zero dollars and on the sold-out hearts of many people in our church. I could write so much about how difficult it is to navigate life in a new, unfamiliar country when you don’t speak the language. Instead I will just say this: the people that work closely with refugees have gained insurmountable levels of frustration with the way our government works, but also the most incredible relationships of their lives. I’m sure I’ll write more on this later…

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