Body In Harmony…Look! A horse!

I was so pumped when Lauren contacted me about taking some photos for her business, Body In Harmony. I knew it would be a chance to a) grow my business portfolio and more importantly, b) photograph horses again!

I first got to do this with my sister-in-law, Kaylan. And Lauren just happens to be her college roommate. (Remember when I said great clients refer great people? Case in point.)

Lauren does a form of bodywork called Rolfing Structural Integration. It realigns the body by repositioning connective tissues…read more here! The really interesting piece of this is that she does it for people and for horses. She is educated, experienced and extremely professional. My sis-in-law goes to her for treatments and has Lauren work on her horses. 

I got to spend a morning with her and Hawkeye, a horse she fell in love with a few years ago at a barn she works at. Hawkeye is an older pony, but runs around like a 2-year-old. We turned him loose in a snowy pasture and he absolutely loved it (as did Lauren).

I’m so excited to show you all these photos! I also can’t wait to schedule my session with her after the new year. If you’re in the Denver/Longmont/Boulder area, hire her. The girl knows her stuff!

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