Launch Day…Terrified.

There are some kinds of news that you wish you could just whisper. It might be the most exciting thing in the whole world, maybe a huge personal achievement. But that’s it: when it’s personal, 500 words just don’t seem adequate. I wish I could just whisper to you, “Hey, wanna see this thing I did?” And then I would like to hover over your shoulder creepily and watch your reaction to see what makes sense to you and what doesn’t, what you like and what you don’t. But hitting the publish button, releasing this beast to the world, sitting back, and just waiting? Ugh…radio silence. It’s terrifying. 

I have been quietly scheming, designing, writing, and photographing for the last couple months. I’ve enlisted a small group of people to help with various things and I’ve slowly introduced this small corner of the internet to friends and family. Everyone has been extremely gracious and kind and encouraging and wonderful.

But they know me, they like me and they want me to succeed. They aren’t the vile gremlins who happen to all share the name “anonymous” and troll the internet, probably together, looking to squash hopes and dreams via the comment section. I’ve watched the brave artists and writers ahead of me post beautiful words and photos and get ripped to shreds.

People often say that it’s like releasing your baby into the world to be judged. But it’s so much worse. You can’t pick what your baby looks like. I picked exactly what this looks like.

I’ve joined forums to learn from other photographers and taken writing classes to improve. My biggest fear is just adding to the noise that already is the creative boom on the internet. I’ve fought with the idea of having my own space to put my work for so long. It feels self-involved, self-congratulating and self-promoting. Me, me, me. But I keep coming back to the same thing…all of my reasons not to do this have to do with what other people think. And Pinterest quotes tell me this is a terrible way to live.

I’m a firm believer that vulnerability breeds vulnerability. But not only do I feel like I need to be open in order to gain other people’s trust, but I also think that exposing my own work will make me appreciate the courage it takes for other people to display theirs. Simply put: I want to be nicer, less judgmental. In a twisted way, I think that doing this will help me in that.

Like the coward I am, I’m leaving the country for 10 days…today. That’s best business practice, right? Launching and then disappearing? I thought so too. 

So read this post, click around and stay awhile. Get to know all about Green Chair Stories, including where the name comes fromThank you in advance for taking the time to explore.

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  1. Hey New Friend!

    Great space here! And beautiful and inspiring words. You are going to so great things in this industry and bless a lot of people. Have a a amazing trip! Let’s grab coffee when you get back. Oh…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    1. Thank you thank you! I would LOVE to grab coffee…can’t wait to be a part of this artistic community in Denver!

  2. Happy Birthday, Rachel! This looks great. One of my biggest challenges/blessings over the past year has been learning to open myself up and share my inner most self with other people. It is scary and uplifting all at the same time. I suspect you will be amazed how responsive people are. You have started something very good here and I have no doubt that you will be blessed and bless others by it.

    1. You put it into words well Carolyn! So scary but so amazing. Glad to have joined this community of people! Thank you so much for looking around and for your encouragement!

  3. Rachel! I am so proud of you. I am honored to be a part of your journey. You have a keen interest in people. I know first hand how you are able to create a safe environment for others where it is okay to be vulnerable. I value your sincerity and this project exemplifies it well. I am sure this will bless many people in unbelievable ways.

    1. Oh Sarah, thank you SO much for your kind words…I feel like I am the one that’s honored! You are so special to me and you make life so much sunnier!

  4. I love it! Everything looks beautiful, the name (and its origin) is awesome, and of course all your photos are phenomenal. The Internet needs more good and lovely and beautiful, in my opinion, so keep it coming!

  5. This is so great Rachel! Someone from DRM shared this on Facebook and I’m so glad that they did! I love reading your writing and your photography is awesome! I will be following this for sure!!

  6. I once coached a girl on my first Vincent United team who told me that the fact we routinely trained from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. during the week was a problem for her. Not because she had too much schoolwork but because she couldn’t keep the horse and buggy out that late. That was in the fall of 2004. You were funny and engaging then; even more so now. Terrific job, Rachel.

    1. My favorite comment so far! Thank you so much for your kindness…I still owe you a quilt.

      1. Yes you DO owe me a long-ago promised quilt. And possibly a little bit of admiration for my proper usage of a semicolon.

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