Realtors…Need photos too.

You always see a Realtor’s face on everything they print. It’s not their fault – it’s the industry’s fault. Market saturation or something like that.

This becomes problematic for Realtors that don’t love getting their photo taken. And my friend/Realtor Josh from Northeast Denver Homes absolutely falls into that category. Don’t get me wrong, he is waaaay confident in his looks, he just gets awkward in front of cameras.

Luckily, he hired me. (I joke.) Last month, he gave me the opportunity to make him less awkward. And I think we succeeded. We had a ton of fun trying to get some unique shots that made him look less Realtor-y and more like himself.

His Director of Client Engagement, Kevin, was in on the fun and it definitely made my job easier. They made one another laugh and all I really had to do was focus on grabbing the shot.

Josh on the left, Kevin on the right.

Josh on the left, Kevin on the right.

Alert: the following sentence has nothing to do with photos and I was not paid to write it!

I think you should know that this duo is the ABSOLUTE BEST to work with. And I’m not talking professionally for myself, I’m talking about buying a house. We bought our house with them last year and I cannot say enough good things about them. I’ve recommended them countless times and will continue to do so. I know that you probably already know a Realtor…everyone does. But I can guarantee you don’t know one that can deliver what Josh and Kevin can. A bold statement, perhaps, but I stand by it. HIRE THEM.

Also, did you know that I can take photos of you and your business? For social media, your website or for business cards? Hire me too.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of these strapping young men.

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