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The entire time I worked with the 515 team, I referred to them as my “fancy clients.” This project was such a departure from my normal work but I could not have loved it more. They were funny, classy, irreverent, and undoubtedly luxurious. I wanted to get a drink with them, I wanted to be them. I swooned over their images and had the actual time of my life helping them find their brand voice.





I find that luxury photographers tend to throw that word around so much that you begin to feel like they are trying too hard. Something I instantly felt with the 515 team was that they were so laidback and down to earth while creating out-of-this-world experiences and magazine-worthy images for their clients. I wanted to make sure that the luxury element of their brand was felt, not read. They are so good that they can totally let their photos do the talking.  We wanted their words to be overtly fun, subtly high-end.


Mike, the owner of 515, was both hilarious and efficient (my favorite combo in a person). He was so focused on the project but was still able to make it fun. And he trusted his team so much that it inspired me in my own business. I loved hearing him talk about where the company had been and where he wants it to go. He separated his work from his ego which is so rare. When it came to the writing, he also trusted me. I’ve never felt so confident because he believed in me and trusted my process. If I could work with clients like Mike every week, I would never stop doing this job as long as I was breathing. Also? I’ve never had a client write me an acrostic before and I cried from gratitude.




“R – Researcher. Rachel took the time to take a deep dive into our process, offerings and clients base in order to come up with language that was special and unique to our brand.

A – Accommodating. Throughout the entire process Rachel was easy to work with and keep the project moving forward.

C – Clever. Her clever use of words and language really helped bring our brand to life.

H – Honest. She was brutally honest (in the best way!) with us and had no problem telling us how it is in order for us to see things from an outside perspective. Something we truly appreciate and are so grateful for.

E – Enthusiastic. From our very first conversation, she was super excited and pumped to be working on our project and made us feel like we were her only clients.

L – Listener. Rachel took the time to listen to our needs, wants and concerns and come up with a concept that works beautifully for our brand.

After interviewing over 20 copywriters in Canada and the US we couldn’t be happier that we chose to work with Rachel at Green Chair Stories to help take our brand to the next level. She was responsive, easy and fun to work with, and gave us honest feedback and guidance along the way. She understands our business and what we are trying to accomplish and her ability and crafty use of words and language brought our brand to life. If you’re considering Green Chair Stories I suggest you stop the search and just book them – you won’t regret it!”

Also? It takes a village. This project came to life with the help of Seesaw Design on branding and web development.

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