A Reflection…Through someone else’s eyes.


Before I start talking just about myself, let me please tell you about my new, but quickly loved friend: Abigail Green. She launched a brand new site this week, which should give you an excellent glimpse into her wise-beyond-her-years mind and sensitive soul. 

She has been compiling notes, writings, scraps of paper and tons of photographs for the last couple decades. There was never an official way to read and see all of these nuggets of truth, so she decided the publish them this week. In an impressive display of work ethic, she built the whole thing by herself. She asked to interview me for her “stories of storytellers” section. 

It was so nice to be able to answer questions, almost as writing prompts. It makes writing easier when someone else does half the work! It was also refreshing to reflect on times in my life and see through Abigail’s eyes what people might not know about me. I was honored to be featured on her blog:

In your creative works, do you prefer to work alone, or on a team?
I need to be alone for 30 minutes a day, maximum. My friend once used the term “intensely social” and I’ve adopted it for myself. Being around others is what keeps me breathing. I’ve also never had a good idea while thinking … I annoyingly need to talk out loud or write when I’m brainstorming.
I live (and will probably die) by the philosophy that thoughts are meant to be shared.


Please don’t stop there! Poke around, and read some of my other favorite posts. Also, get to know her on Facebook and be one of the 5,000 people to follow her on Instagram!

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