Alexxa…Tipster (Part Two).

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This post is part of a series I’m calling The Mother’s Project, where I will be highlighting the incredible moms in my life throughout the month of May. Check back later this week for more posts!

I’ve written about Alexxa before, so if you want to know what tipster means (and it actually has nothing to do with alcohol), go read that post. She was actually one of the original gals to sit in the green chair! In that first post, I compared her to my sister Katie. She is about to remind me more of her because she is having a baby in August!!

In the same way that motherhood glows on Katie, I know it will on Alexxa. She prayed for this baby for a long time (a girl by the way!) and when she called to tell me she was pregnant, I just burst into tears. It was the perfect timing for Alexxa.

When I first met her, she wasn’t the most excited about having kids—she is a rockstar in public relations and her husband just started his own dentist practice. They are busy people who are also expert travelers and they go overseas quite often. Kids would obviously be a big change for them both. 

As Alexxa warmed up to the idea of becoming parents, she talked about it more and more. I could see the excitement for motherhood growing in her, and quickly. But baby girl took her time getting here. And though I can’t relate to that exact issue, I can definitely relate to impatience. I might be the most impatient person alive, and I have a husband who would definitely second that opinion. But Alexxa never complained. She never questioned God or His timing. She prayed, faithfully. She was sad sometimes, sure. But there was no hostility or resentment in the journey. Just resounding patience. Even now, looking back on that time of waiting, she mentions how other people have it harder or have waited longer. And that’s Alexxa, never focusing on herself.

Like I said in that first post, I learn a lot from Alexxa just watching her. She isn’t someone who shoves advice down your throat. But the way she lives her life is exemplary. The way her patience was tested is enough for anyone to start doubting themselves or their faith. But her response was amazing to watch and it’s another thing about her that I will always try to learn from.

And though her babe has 12 weeks left to cook, Alexxa is already a mother. Her instincts to comfort others, nurture their gifts, and empower those around her will make her an incredible mom. The world needs some more strong ladies and I have no doubt that Alexxa will bring her up to believe in herself and to care deeply for those around her. I can’t wait to meet her Alexxa!

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