My Favorite Business Tools

I’ve been doing this business thang for 8 years now. I’ve tried A LOT of different tools and now I’ve whittled it down to these favorites …

software is sexy


Not to be dramatic, but when I started using Dubsado, my entire business changed. Every single thing I did was streamlined in one location. I could track my workflow for each project, send emails/invoices/contracts, and collect data on my leads all in the same place. I would pay DOUBLE what I pay for this client management system. Don’t tell them tho.


If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you’ve seen how pretty they are. That has nothing to do with me or my design capability. That’s Flodesk baby. They have the PRETTIEST templates and make writing emails beautiful as can be.


Duhsies. I can’t and won’t live without this for editing my images. (Have you tried the new brush tool where it selects the entire subject for you?! WHAT.)


This screen recording tool helps us copywriters explain ourselves. We use Loom to send a walkthrough video to every client when we deliver their first draft of copy. It’s like a quick lil mini-presentation that saves all of us so much time.



The only notebooks I ever use. Every year I have one for personal writing and one for business notes/ideas/goals/plans. (Pro tip: don’t buy writers notebooks because they absolutely have a system. Same goes for pens …)


Told you. These are my favorite pens. The V5’s are great too, but I like the thicker point on these guys. I use them in black or green.

tech gear


I use this for every podcast I record. It’s easy simple, and the quality is amazing.


I have about 15 of these bad boys for all my images and backups of my images and backups of my backups

Oh haaaaai. I have to legally tell you that some of these are affiliate links and I get a lil kickback from Amazon if you buy them. Most of the products on this list actually don’t make me any money, but a few do. This is more about me giving you my favorite things than it is about me making money. Promise. Love you, mean it.

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