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Less Is More, Almost Always

Have you ever gone to a website, seen a huge wall of text and thought, “Yeah, that’s not worth it” and clicked that little x button?

Have you ever considered that maybe people are doing that on your site?

Obviously, I’m a big fan of copy. But copy overwhelm is a very real thing and it’s probably losing you clients on the daily.

I can’t tell you how many photographers get this wrong. There are so many sites with paragraphs of text and no break for the reader. It’s exhausting and your potential clients don’t have the attention span to sift through it.

Sometimes it’s as simple as reformatting your words and switching up the design. You can add headlines, break up the text with photos, or even put all that text into a slideshow to give people the choice to follow along or not.

But most of the time, it’s because you’re rambling and there’s no overall goal of the copy. In this episode of the Bokeh Podcast with Nathan Holritz, we chat about my ideas for getting clear about your message and how to communicate that to your clients. I give you ideas about how to say more with less.

All The Details

To listen to this episode on your computer, go here.

You can also find it on the Apple Podcast App, on Spotify, Stitcher, and Overcast.

You’ll learn:
– More about my lil obsession with the Enneagram, my own brand messaging, and my belief that we are all just making it up.
– What you’re probably doing on your website that isn’t endearing anyone to you.
– The power of story and why you should be using it.

Nathan has been at this for a while—I was on episode #287. That’s A LOT of episodes. His podcast is a wealth of information for photographers … after listening to this one, poke around and download some more. It’s worth it, promise!

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