Documentary Sessions…The sound of photos.

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Sometimes I wish I could smell a photo. Is that weird? I think that’s weird. But sometimes just seeing something doesn’t cut it. When I look at an older photo, I want to remember how it smelled. Nostalgia is a strong feeling, but it’s often evoked by our more subtle senses: a sound or a smell.

But that haven’t invented a way to make photos smell yet. So I started doing, in my mind, the next best thing. I gave photos sound! I think the sounds of our lives change all the time. If our kids grow out of their baby mumbling, if we move to a different house, if we get a new pet. Seasons of our lives are marked by sound as much as they are by anything else. 

I wanted to share something that comes with my all day documentary session: an audio slideshow, a few minutes of your current life that you and your family will have forever. These are some of my favorite pieces to create and I hope to be doing A LOT more of them this year!!

(Click the little HD button in the corner to make sure you’re watching the very best version possible!)

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