Find Your Focus Podcast Episode … How To Connect With Clients On Your Photography Site

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The Key To Connection = One Mission

A lot of my podcast interviews start with me talking about how my professional career began in a nonprofit field. It’s usually just how I start my story and then we jump over it and into how I became a copywriter for photographers.

But re-listening to this episode, I realized how direct that path was. Nonprofits are all about having one mission, one purpose. And after writing in that space for almost a decade, it was the perfect foundation to helping photographers find their mission. Sure, writing copy to raise funds is hella different than writing copy to sell a service. But the key to both is finding your exact perspective and getting extremely specific about who you serve.

In this episode of Find Your Focus, that’s what we talked about. I talked about my theory about Copy Lenses, the guiding principles of your business, messaging, and marketing. (Find yours here.) Copy Lenses are literally like glasses you put on when you sit down to write anything about your business: they are your internal mission that everything else should funnel through. This naturally narrows down your options which eliminates overwhelm and only draws in people who fit into what you want to do.

Turn That Mission Into A Big Claim

Your mission and your perspective are internal. They are for you. But once you’re clear on them, you can create an external message that attracts people who have that same mission and perspective.

And this becomes the big claim that you make on your website. Probably on the home page of your site. Are you a photographer who helps freeze the fleeting moments of a wedding day? Or an elopement photographer who is so much more than just that? Or do your photos celebrate your clients at every turn? (Don’t steal those—we wrote them haha.)

The big claim you make on your home page should be an idea you weave into the rest of your site. You should spend your whole site proving that claim. I talk a lot more about this on this podcast, so just scoot on down to listen.

All The Details

To listen to this episode on your computer, go here.

You can also find it on the Apple Podcast App, on Spotify, on Google Podcasts, and on Podbay.

What else you’ll learn:
– How I define “Copy Lenses”
– How narrowing your focus can actually bring you more clients
– Why I think you should have a scrolling home page.
– How to hook a reader and keep ‘em scrolling.

Thank you Logan + Cole’s Classroom! This was such a fun convo and I hope we get to do it again!

If you’ve listened to the episode and want some extra help DIY-ing your site, I’ve got a guide for that.

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