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Writing copy is not what you think it is

A lot of my clients (read: frustrated photographers) dread writing the copy for their site. They talk about how they have never been a good writer and they have no idea what to say.

But here’s the thing about copy. You shouldn’t be the one coming up with the words. You should simply be assembling them.


So if copy is simply assembling words, compiling ideas—where do you get them from? Great question.

You get those words from the system and process you have in place and from your past clients. You get them from research.

You find your client’s biggest pain and their greatest joy about this season they are in. You try to determine the conversation they are having in their own head when they land on your site. (And you don’t even have to guess; you can ask your past clients!) You look at everything you offer, and begin to paint a picture with words that draws YOU as the solution to their struggle. And then you assemble.

The reason people love you is also not what you think it is

Did you deliver a gallery of images that knocked their socks off? Absolutely.
Did you bring great energy and presence on their big day? Undoubtedly.
Do they feel like you were worth the money? YES.

But is that what will make them refer you to their friends who are all getting engaged right now? NO.

People expect your photos to be stellar. That is the bare minimum because that’s what they paid you for. What will push them over the edge from “happy client” to “your brand evangelist” is how they feel throughout the entire experience of working with you. The experience is not the day of or the final product. It’s every touchpoint of communication they have with you from the moment they land on your site until you deliver the final images or albums.

Think about your process. Are you giving them all the information they need and at the right times? Do they feel in the loop every step of the way?

Listen to the rest of this episode on the Girl Means Business podcast to see if we need to fill in some holes in your client experience.

All The Details

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What else you’ll learn:
– Copy is more science than art.
– Joy points vs pain points
– The emails you might be missing in your workflow
– How to make every client feel like your most important client

Kendra! Thank you so much for having me. I loved this conversation and could have talked to you for another hour about all of this. Love the way your brain works and the way you serve your community!

If you’ve listened to the episode and want some extra help writing copy for your photography site, I’ve got a guide for that.
If you want to set up a better workflow for your business and write better emails, I’ve got templates for that.

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