Guest Post…Finding beauty in the chaos.

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Hannah from Point Four Photography is the creator of all the beautiful words and images in this post today. I asked her to write for us because I love the honesty in her photos. She sees from angles that others don’t and uses these unique vantage points to tell incredible stories. Hannah, thank you for your vulnerability in sharing and for your commitment to helping overwhelmed parents find the beauty in their chaos.

Ever since I became a mom almost 7 years ago, I have been obsessively photographing my girls. But it wasn’t until after the birth of my third daughter, when I was hit with postpartum depression, that I discovered the void photography filled in my life.

I have never been great with words, especially when I have to use them to express my feelings … and honestly, I can’t think of many things worse than having to talk about my feelings! But when my third daughter was born, I was in a bad place. I felt worthless and unimportant. I was resentful of being at home with my girls all day and I just wanted to escape my life.

documentary family photographer denver colorado

So I turned to my camera. I really worked at noticing the little things around me that gave me joy. I started expressing my emotions through the things I captured with my camera.

And ever so slowly I started seeing the beauty in my life again.

Now my mission is to encourage other’s in their own journey of motherhood.

Life with littles is dang tough. And we are often too busy or overwhelmed by the chaos, to pause and notice the things that make it all worth it. But I see it.

documentary family photographer denver colorado

And even when we mess up and lose our patience with those boundary testing little darlings, I want to encourage you to pick yourself up and keep going. Because what you are doing matters. 

I meet a family right where they are at, to photograph (and film!) them in their perfectly imperfect lives. And in the end, my goal is to hand them tangible proof of just how much they love and are loved.

documentary family photographer denver colorado

Hannah Cross is a wife and homeschooling mama to 3 adorable girls, in Salt Lake City, UT. Documenting her everyday life is the only way she knows how to “embrace the mess” and cope with the demands of motherhood. When her camera batteries are charging, you can find her watching Netflix documentaries or on the balance beam, pretending she is still a gymnast.

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