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Hallie Sigwing

There are like 10 things that make me so happy about this story. I’ll start with the fact that Hallie’s friend gifted her my guide, The Photographer’s Guide To Write Your Site Right. What a kind and considerate gift to a photographer!

Then Hallie reached out to me after she used the guide to write her site and said, “My homepage has never ever ever felt more like me I could actually cry and I did it all in three days. THANK YOU.” And then I clickety-clicked over to her site and was blown away at what a great job she did. And I had to share it with you.



Remembering the room



Photographs are memories. And the good ones should bring you right back to a moment. Hallie weaved a narrative on her home page and throughout her site that your wedding is one of the only times in your life that you’ll have all your people in the same room. It’s the only time your cousin and your best friend from college will dance next to each other on the dance floor.

It’s a room full of all of your connections, all of your love. There’s never anything quite like it again and she wanted to stress the important of photos to remember it. 


We’ve never seen someone use this specific technique or story. There’s so much out there on wedding photographer websites that is overdone or cliché. But there’s none of that here. Hallie wrote copy that was relevant but unique, resonant but her. She wasn’t appealing to one specific client, but a specific vibe. She doesn’t care about the demographics of her couples as much as she cares about their goals and desires. This copy will attract people who are aligned with her emotionally, not just diggin’ her photos.




“My homepage has never ever ever felt more like me I could actually cry and I did it all in three days. THANK YOU. The guide reminded me that it’s okay to sound like yourself, and that everyone wants to read a website that sounds like a human being. I’ve always been a strong writer, but I’ve struggled with the layout of my website and how to guide a potential client from page to page by using calls to action and thoughtful placement of specific sections, so I found that information extremely valuable as well.”

Also? It takes a village. This project came to life with the help of AGAVE STUDIO who designed Hallie’s site in Squarespace.

Want to browse more case studies? Right this way.


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