Influencer Sunday Links

After many-a-request, I’ve decided to put every link I’ve ever posted for Influencer Sunday all in one place. That place is here. 



$19 Biker shorts from Nordstrom Rack

Cross-waist biker shorts from Amazon … buttery soft

Ankle Weights … Yeah, we’re calling these clothing. Here is a backup pair in case the black are sold out. I have the 2-pound ones!

$25 Amazon leggings … These are Lululemon dupes and I am obsessed.

Vuori Joggers

Cute New Balance sneaks … Great for wide-footed baddies like me.

Favorite baseball hat from Everlane 

Skincare / Makeup

Oh haaaaai. I have to legally tell you that these are affiliate links and I get a lil kickback if you buy them. This is more about me giving you my favorite things than it is about me making money. Promise. Love you, mean it.

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