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Jen Harvey

Jen came to us when a lot of people do. Right toward the end of a big rebrand. Us visual photographers tend to get wrapped up in how our site looks and forget that what it says is maybe even more important.

Her designer was asking her for the content, the words, to go on this beautiful new site. She was comin’ up empty though. She wanted someone to come in, slip on the gown that was Jen Harvery Photography and speak about the business in a way that would jazz up all her favorite couples. Enter, us.


love is …



When Jen was in middle school, she and her best friend found a quote that said “Love is life.” And it stuck. She laughed when she told me and was like, “How cheesy is that?” But she still says it all the time and it still means something to hear. So we structured her whole site around different definitions of love.

We even addressed the cheesiness of it. But we moved on because weddings and photos of them are really all about love. If the word wasn’t powerful, then the phrase “I love you” wouldn’t be so significant for all of us.


I don’t get to write for the luxury crowd on every site and I was thrilled to do just that on this one. Jen’s site feels like someone welcoming you in for a fancy cup of tea. Into a quiet room with soft music and a really warm smile. There are so many photographers who want to show you how capital-F Fun they are. And Jen is fun, I know that. But she wanted her site to exude trust and reassurance. So that’s exactly what we wrote.

I loved this project because it pushed me to write for a unique (and beautiful) design and also because Jen wanted it to be perfect. It challenged me in all the right ways. It felt like a puzzle I stayed up all night to finish because it was so fun. I’m really proud of it.

Also? It takes a village. This project came to life with the help of 2nd Street Creative on branding and web design.

Want to browse more case studies? Right this way.


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