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Buckle in, folks. This is going to be a long one!

I don’t shoot many weddings. Hardly any actually. And I especially don’t photograph them by myself. There are very few exceptions to my “no weddings alone” rule. The lone exception is if I really, really like you. And there were quite a few people I really, really liked this year who asked me to photograph their weddings.

The one thing all of them had in common is that they were extremely intimate. Two of them had less than 12 people in attendance. One was in a backyard. The other was a small semicircle of love in the mountains. So I guess I can’t say that I don’t do weddings anymore, because if your wedding is as cool as these were, I will totally do it.

I wanted to share just a few images from these with all of you, because these were 4 extremely joyful days. And who doesn’t love a little love on a Wednesday morning?

First up, Yoshi + Laura. I know these lovebirds from my gym. And also because when I do shoot those bigger weddings: I shoot them with Laura! She is a fellow photographer and I’m lucky to work with and learn from her.

Their wedding was just close friends and family and took place in Aspen. To say the venue was breathtaking would be a huge understatement. But Yoshi and Laura’s beautiful faces fit right in. They were absolutely radiant. Y + L, The only thing louder than the scenery on your day was the love between you and the support surrounding you. It is abundantly clear that you’re meant for one another and everyone knows it! Thank you for sharing your day with me!

aspen colorado wedding ceremony

aspen colorado wedding bride smiling hugging groom

bride groom first look wedding in aspen colorado

bride groom kissing in front of mountains in aspen colorado wedding

bride groom laughing at wedding in aspen colorado

Next up: Blake + Lauren. These two are some of my favorite humans and some of my first friends in Denver. They have been together quite a while and have that kind of worn-in love that looks easy and rock solid. They are always preemptively caring for one another, in subtle but important ways. I notice it every time I’m with them. 

But on their wedding day, I saw that their love is as young and new as ever. They had their immediate families stand under a beautiful tree while they said their vows. Lauren was crying as she walked down the aisle and I’ve never ever seen Blake smile like he did when he saw her. B + L, I think your cheeks probably hurt the day after your wedding. You guys looked so in love and I can’t tell you what it meant that you invited me to capture it for you. Your happiness was palpable and I hope these images remind you of that over the years. Thank you, thank you for allowing me to bear witness to such a sacred moment in your relationship. I love you and I’m so thrilled for you!

bride sitting in sunlight denver colorado wedding

bride groom walking after first look in denver colorado

bride groom smiling wedding day denver colorado

dad walking bride down the aisle on wedding day in denver colorado

bride groom dancing under lights at wedding denver colorado

Next: Brindley + Lauren. Oh there are just so many things I want to say, but I will keep it short. Brin was my roommate in college. We played soccer together too. And did just about everything together. Everyone who knows her would say she is the life of the party.

But. When she started dating Lauren, she became this entirely new version of herself. Life of the party doesn’t even touch who she is now. She is radiant, happy, and delighted by life. And Lauren! I knew Lauren in college too, but she is also a new woman.

Their love ignited something in each of them as individuals that makes them stronger, better. Their relationship is this incredible tangible force that has already impacted so many lives. B + L, you know I love you to the moon and back. Your wedding day was one of the best days of my year. I cried as you said your vows, as people sang ringing endorsements in their toasts, as you danced the night away, and again as I edited and relived it all. Congrats. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

bride and bride same sex backyard wedding portland oregon

bride hugging mom at portland oregon wedding

bride and bride laughing in woods at portland oregon same sex wedding

brides listening to toast at backyard same sex portland oregon wedding

Last but not least: Marc + Sev. If you’ve heard me talk about my “body guy” or “getting body work” done, first of all, sorry because you probably didn’t care. Second, you’re welcome because I was probably introducing you to Marc. Third, it’s because I’m obsessed with Marc.

Marc has transformed my life. He realigned my back and continues to fix me when I hurt myself. But this isn’t an ad for Marc (or is it? You can book a session with him here). This is a post about the day I got to meet Sev, his gorgeous wife, and photograph their wedding!

I met these two in the park after they said their vows with just one witness present. They were so focused on one another, so happy, that it was like I wasn’t there. There was lots of giggling and a few happy tears, and there was Willie Nelson, Marc’s dog. These are some of my favorite images of the whole year. It’s easy to photograph when people are a) this pretty and b) this in love.

M + S, Thank you, thank you for letting me be a part of your big day. To see you together is to see not just passionate love, but also sweet care and deep understanding between two people. I hope these images remind you of what a special day this was and how happy you’ve been, right from the start. Much love to you both!

bride and groom at congress park wedding denver colorado

bride and groom laughing in congress park at wedding denver colorado

bride and groom cuddling in congress park in denver colorado on wedding day

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