Low Waste Lifestyle

I do not claim for even a second that I am close to living a zero-waste lifestyle. I simply think that we can all make tiny changes that add up to a big impact. I never want to guilt anyone into making these kinds of choices. I’m just telling you that it was a super easy switch to use these products so you’re welcome to join me.

Read more about my thoughts on plastic and waste.


UNpaper Towels … Reusable paper towels. Couldn’t live without them.

Metal Straw … Hashtag save the turtles.

Stasher Bags … These are reusable ziploc bags that are so easy to clean. We have them in every size.

Silicone Stretch Lids … You don’t need more Tupperware. You need these lids.


Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper … It’s honestly my favorite toilet paper and it is SO GOOD for the environment. (Get the premium paper.)

Seed Phytonutrients … There are so many fantastic toiletries from this company. And they recycle their plastic pumps AND use paper containers.

Mouthwash Tablets … These eliminate plastic because they come shipped in cardboard. You can even subscribe to save money (I do!).

Reusable Cotton Rounds … These replace your cotton pads. I think they do a better job removing makeup too.


Dropps Soap … Laundry or dishes, Dropps has ya covered.

Wool Dryer Balls … I won’t preach, but dryer sheets are kinda the worst. Dryer balls are a safe and effective alternative.

Biodegradable Poop Bags … We use these to pick up the dog’s poop instead of using plastic.


Foldable Metal Straw … I take this one with me when I run because I can fit it inside a pocket and then I can get coffee when I’m done running. #ShamelesslyBasic

Straw Pouch … I keep these in my bag for when I travel.

Compostable Charcoal Toothbrushes … I use these when I travel and the kids ones for the baby all the time.

Oh haaaaai. I have to legally tell you that some of these are affiliate links and I get a lil kickback from Amazon if you buy them. Most of the products on this list actually don’t make me any money, but a few do. This is more about me giving you my favorite things than it is about me making money. Promise. Love you, mean it.

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