Oh Shoot! Photography Podcast Episode … How to write copy for your photography website

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How to write copy for your photography site

Before I tell you how to write copy for your photography site, let’s take a step back. Why is web copy even important?

Because your images are what get people to your website. It’s your words that will sell them.

“You can have the most stunning images in the world, but if people do not have an opportunity to get to know who you are and why they should trust you, then you’re losing them before you even begin.”

Some quick Copy 101:
– Copy is simply words that sell.
– Copy does not equal content.
Content is IG captions and blog posts. Copy is advertising and the words on your site.
– Copy should get people to like you, make them feel like they know you, and get people to trust you. People buy things from people they trust.

Copy is important because it’s how you’ll get paid. But even more importantly, it’s how you’ll attract the clients you truly adore working with.

Laying out your home page

When someone comes to your home page, you are the guide, the usher, the escort. YOU are in charge of that visitor’s experience. So you want to leave nothing up to chance. Tell them where they are and why they should care. Direct them to the content you know they need to see. Make it obvious. Don’t be afraid to direct. They are new, so show them equal parts courtesy and expertise.

Think about someone coming into your house for the first time. They have never been there so they have no idea where to go or what your expectations are. It’s your house! Tell them where they can leave their shoes, coat, and purse. Visually lead them to the room where you’re going to be hanging out.

All home pages should scroll. We are past the days of a single gallery. People scroll all day long, so give ‘em what they want! A home page with some meat. A good rule of thumb is having a section for each page in your navigation with an obvious Call To Action button that leads them to the interior page. Give people a taste of the info they are going to get elsewhere on the site and then lead them there.

To hear more about how to write copy for your photography site, listen to the rest of this episode on Cassidy Lynn’s podcast.

All The Details

To listen to this episode, find it on the Apple Podcast App, on Spotify, Podtail, and on Audible.

What else you’ll learn:
– The best question you can ask your past clients to understand what to write on your site.
– How good copy is kinda like foreplay (sorry, mom).
– The most important rule of copywriting.
– How to be the human in real life that they fell in love with in your copy.

Cassidy! You amaze me with all you do and how you do it every single venture SO WELL. Thanks for inviting me into your orbit and having me on the show. I hope our paths cross again soon!

If you’ve listened to the episode and want some extra help writing copy for your photography site, I’ve got a guide for that.
If you want to set up a better workflow for your business and write better emails, I’ve got templates for that.

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