Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast Episode … Lazy Launching 101

Why You Might Want to Create Products and How to Launch Them … Lazy Style

I genuinely never thought that I would offer a product of any kind. I love working with people, getting in the weeds with them, helping them identify and solve problems in their businesses. I always thought that selling a digital product cheapened what I did so I didn’t really consider it as an option.

But then.

The longer I ran Green Chair Stories, the more photographers I heard from. As my prices for 1-on-1 services went up, I was pricing out of helping photographers who had just started their businesses. I missed them and felt guilty with every email that said, “Oh, I’m just starting out so I can’t afford this. Do you have any other resources?

No, I didn’t. It was hire me or nothing. So I started to toy with the idea of making a DIY version of what I did for my clients. I wanted to give them something that felt like someone was holding their hand the entire. Something that truly would help them accomplish their goal: writing the copy for their entire site in a way that was uniquely THEM.

So I started taking notes in a Google Doc, sending myself voice memos, writing down my processes and tips. And slowly, I saw a product take shape. I created it out of a genuine desire to help. It wasn’t about passive income as much as it was being able to point people to a resource they could afford.

So I created a freebie to grow my list, had the product and sales page designed, did a last minute giveaway on Instagram, sent a newsletter to my people, and out into the world it went.

First Comes One, Then Comes Two

After I created The Photographer’s Guide To Write Your Site Right, people started asking for more.

Are you going to create something to help us with blogs?
What about social media prompts?
Can you help me write my inquiry response?
Can you help me write an email asking for testimonials?

By far, the most common thing photographers wanted was help with their emails. So I started my second product: email templates. This launch was even lazier. No freebie to grow my list, no giveaway. Just a Google Doc and a sales page. Then the week of the launch, I sent out an email every day. Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Now, I’ve made a commitment to myself that I won’t create a product that people aren’t asking for. Having passive income is nice, but it’s not my goal. I love connecting with people still; it’s absolutely my favorite part of this job. But I also like to serve the people I’ve worked with in the past. And creating affordable products that are packed with value is one way I can keep doing that.

I was so happy to chat about how I launched these products with Eden on The Rebel Boss Ladies podcast. It’s not my normal kind of interview and it was FUN to talk about the nitty gritty aspects of it all! She asked such thoughtful questions and we had a ball. Deets below.

All The Details

To listen to this episode on your computer, go here.

You can also find it on the Apple Podcast App, on Spotify, on Stitcher, and on Podbean.

What else you’ll learn:
– My tips about how to launch real lazy-like
– What I wish I had done differently
– The real numbers behind how much I made with each launch.

Thank you so much Eden for having me and giving me a chance to talk about launching! It was so fun to chat with you and feel like one of the cool kids!

If you’ve listened to the episode and want some extra help DIY-ing your site, I’ve got a guide for that.
Need templates? I have those too.

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