The Best Email Templates For Wedding Photographers


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“These are the best email templates I’ve ever seen for weddings photographers.”

👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼Those are the exact messages I got from some past clients after sharing these email templates with them.

I am honestly skeptical of most digital products. Especially ones that are fairly inexpensive. When I’ve invested in the past, it feels like fluff. Like the creator just wanted to crank out something that would get attention from a lot of people but provide very little value.

So when so many photographer clients asked me to create email templates, I was hesitant. I didn’t want to create more noise in the world. I only wanted to do it if I could make something truly valuable for my people.

One afternoon I created a Google Doc, named it Email Templates (how original Rachel!), and slowly started to make a list of emails I thought would be perfect for wedding photographers. I couldn’t help myself. Right in the table of contents, I started writing the emails. Two hours flew by and I was having

I knew after that two-hour window that I wanted to write a whole set: one template for every step of a wedding photographer’s workflow.

So I did. And then I sent them to one of the most productive, organized photographers I know: Sharee Davenport. She is an old client of mine, wicked smart, and incredibly funny. Her brand has tons of personality and I knew she would be perfect to test these out on.

She tested them within 24 hours. And she was so obsessed that she wrote me a short novel about how much she loved them:

I’m going to try to keep this short, but it’s probably not going to be that short because I have way too many good things to say about Rachel’s email templates.

I’ve been able to test Rachel’s new email templates over the last week and holy shit it has been an absolute game changer and even more importantly—an absolute TIME SAVER. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but before I started using these I felt like I had a pretty iron clad workflow / communication process in place for my clients and now it’s better than I thought it could be. It’s easier and my clients are obsessed with it.

There are about a million email templates for sale for things like “what your clients should wear for their engagement session” and “tips for your wedding day” etc. All of that is good and great and all, but where are the templates for things that all of us have to write and rewrite and write again constantly: things like responding to inquiries, asking people to fill out questionnaires, following up with ghosts, requesting reviews from past clients, referring vendors to clients, sharing galleries with vendors and so much more: WELL SHIT HERE THEY ARE YOU GUYS.

Using ONLY Rachel’s email templates for responding to inquiries, I booked an elopement in only 4 emails. Without having to jump on a phone call (I’m not a phone call person, but if you are or your client is she has a template for that too – don’t worry)! After they booked I continued using her templates for sending out logistics, insights, and a questionnaire. The bride has already thanked me twice for being so communicative—because she inquired with 5 other photographers and no one else was nearly as thorough.

I used Rachel’s email templates to request reviews from a handful of 2020 clients and within 24 hours I had a new glowing Google review and another client texted me to tell me she’s working on writing hers!

I used Rachel’s template to send out galleries to vendors (which should be so simple and easy, but let’s face it life gets busy and I simply forgot) and I’ve received so many thankful responses and had tons of tags on Instagram. One of the planners I shared a gallery with is having the images published in a 5280 article (holla SEO) and another planner has already sent two more couples my way.

But here’s my favorite one: one of my clients is a flight attendant and they are B U S Y humans. I’ve been communicating back and forth with the couple and mother of the bride for a couple of weeks with pretty slow replies. I used one of Rachel’s templates that includes a thought-out timeline of the process of booking up until the wedding day. I sent it over after not having heard back for almost a week and thinking this client was a dead end—within an hour of sending it out the mother of the bride called me on the phone, gushed about how organized and easy I’m making this process for her, and asked for a contract and to pay her retainer immediately. Literal magic in the form of dollar bills.

It only took me a few hours to create email templates in my CRM using her templates to make my workflow even easier, but you can literally just copy and paste these if you don’t use a CRM/workflows and they’ll be worth it.

Moral of the story: within a week of using these templates, I booked an elopement, booked a full day wedding that I was convinced was already off the table, received two new reviews, a back link in a publication, multiple social media tags and most importantly I’ve gotten happy feedback from my clients. At this point it’s obviously a no-brainer.

*I’m also going to give a big fat disclaimer here that this is in no way/shape/form an affiliate referral, I’m not scraping a single cent off of any of these sales and I don’t EVER say nice things about something unless I actually mean it because there is way too much of that in this industry and people deserve to put their dollar bills towards things that are actually worth it.*

LOL for keeping this short – I promise this was me trying to reel it in.

She said it best: buying these is a no-brainer. Buy them for only $78! That’s only $3 an email!

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