The Business Journey Podcast Episode … Copywriting for family photographers

Photographers, remember the Wexley template?

You know the one. Back in the early 2010s, when we all bought our first Squarespace site for our new family photography business, we used this bad boy:

example of a gallery squarespace site that family photographers used to use

It was a beauty! Seeing all of your best images in that stunning gallery. For sure, once your clients saw all your work on display like that, they would want to hire you. Right??

Well, yes, technically, but not anymore. What worked in 2013 no longer serves us in 2022. I’m still seeing so many gallery-only home pages like the one above when I look at family photographer sites. And it’s one of the biggest mistakes!

“Think about what you do all day long on your phone. You scroll. We are so used to scrolling. So a static gallery is no longer intuitive for a user. What’s intuitive is having a scrolling home page that gives people a little taste of what they are going to find throughout the site.”

And I know that a scrolling site can feel intimidating, because that means you have to fill it with words. And maybe you assume people won’t read it. But that’s just not true. It’s not that people don’t read long copy, it’s that they don’t read boring copy. So how do you make your copy not boring? You write directly to them.

For advice on how to do that, go listen to the rest of this episode on the The Business Journey Podcast.

All The Details

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What else you’ll learn:
– What a One Reader is and why you should care.
– The difference between copy and content.
– When you should hire a copywriter in your biz.

Rebecca! I’m so incredibly impressed by you and this show. You are a rockstar mom and business woman and host and I hope you keep doin this thang for a looooong time.

If you’ve listened to the episode and want some extra help writing copy for your photography site, I’ve got a guide for that.
If you want to set up a better workflow for your business and write better emails, I’ve got templates for that.

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