The Drawhorns

Honest hour: The Drawhorns were skeptical of hiring me. They don’t know that I know this, but I could tell. They inquired several times over the past year, never quite ready to commit. But when they finally hired me for a Green Chair Glow Up, we had THE BEST time. This case study is definitely me saying, “Told you so” but in the nicest and most respectful possible way because I just loved working with them SO much.





The Drawhorns (Austin + Jess) are extremely passionate people and their beliefs are rock solid. They let their work and their life intermingle on purpose because they love what they do so much. So for them, they want to work with people who align with them both professionally and personally. That’s not everyone’s style, but I loved their commitment to who they are. 

We wanted to make sure their site really reflected their beliefs and attracted the kind of people who would be on the same page. Personally? I think we crushed it.


Green Chair Glow Ups are so much fun for me. They are basically copy audits of websites instead of full rewrites. They allow me to work with people who either don’t have the budget for a full rewrite or who already have an incredible grasp on their voice and just need some help organizing their message. The Drawhorns are so self-aware and they knew what they wanted. They just couldn’t articulate it on their site as they felt it in their hearts and how they lived it in their work. It was so cool to just reflect back to them the amazing things I saw in their work and help give them words to sell what they do to the exact people they want to work with.




“‘We don’t need to hire a copywriter because no one can capture our brand voice like us, so we may as well just struggle through this whole copywriting thing alone. That’ll be better for sure.’ 


This was my mindset for years and I was not doing myself any favors at all! Rachel’s process was so thorough and really helped us be more ourselves in our branding. What I loved most about working with her is that she for sure gave the tough love and let us know what wasn’t working – but she first and foremost made sure every piece of copy on our site was aligned with our values and beliefs. My partner’s first comment after our call with her was 

‘How does this copywriter get me more than any therapist I’ve ever had?’ 

I feel so much more confident in every piece of writing I put out now, even simple emails, based on her guidance. Everything about working with Rachel was affirming and fun, and I suppose most importantly – our sales are going up :)”

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