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copywriting for photographers copywriter for photographers use urgency in your copywriting

Of all the tips I give to photographer for their websites, I think this is the toughest concept to grasp. But once you do, it can unlock the key to converting your website visitors. Which is the whole point of copy, right?

I talk a lot about how to write copy that pulls people in, showing them everything they get if they hire you. But I haven’t really talked about how you can also write copy that shows people what they might miss out on. Painting the picture of what their life might be like if they decide NOT to book you is highly effective. Using a little bit of storytelling can pull people into the scene, giving them a sense of urgency. I personally think the best place to do this is on your Contact page, when you’re closing in on the booking.

I’ve heard a lot of educators tell photographers to make it really easy for their clients to get in touch with them. That too much copy above a contact form is too much work and will make people click away. But I have a different philosophy. I think if you did the very hard work of getting people to your contact page, you have ONE final chance to sell.

So what should go there? A little razzle, a lot of dazzle, and a good dose of FOMO. It can be subtle … “Do you really want to miss out on the chance to see my epic dance moves at your reception?”.

Or it can be a little more aggressive (read: funnier) … “If you want to keep typing ‘Denver Family Photographer’ into the search bar over and over until you find someone half as good as me, hey, only you can judge how you spend your time.” OK that one feels a little sassy, but maybe sassy is your brand.

Regardless, do you see how it sets people up to envision their life without you? And how that life is just a little bit worse than their current situation? That’s the goal!

People come to your site expecting to be sold to. So don’t stop at the finish line. Use your contact page to sell one more time. Help people see that they will miss out if they don’t hire you!

Just a note … this doesn’t have to be just on the contact page. You can utilize this tactic anywhere. You could write an entire paragraph of what happens to couples who let their “friend who is good with a camera” take the photos. Pick something that is your “competition” … something that your couples are often juggling as an option that is very different than hiring you. Then agitate the pain they will feel if they go in that direction. Use it somewhere it makes sense on your site and then GO FOR IT.

copywriting for photographers copywriter for photographers use urgency in your copywriting

P.S. Here’s an easy way to implement this immediately and make your copy better TODAY …

… Look through your list of past clients. See if you can remember (or look through your emails with them) what other solutions they were considering when they first reached out to you. Was it a photographer who photographed in a different way? Was it your local competition? See if you can identify a theme of what you’re up against when people reach out.

Then write an objection to that situation somewhere on your site. It can even be as subtle as an explanation on your pricing/packages page about why you photograph the way you do or why you structure your packages this way.

To The Point is a video series where I share copywriting ideas for photographers, posted to my Instagram account . It’s just a quick tip to make your copy better in less than 60 seconds. These blog posts are a little more in-depth, to really dig into those ideas. If you would rather watch the short video, click below.

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