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Tom Thornton

Tom came to us feeling overwhelmed. He was in the middle of a big rebrand and kept getting stuck on the copy. He is SO creative and had SO many ideas, but getting them out of his brain and onto the site wasn’t happening for him.

He wanted the site to sound like him, to draw in his favorite kinds of clients, and most importantly, get people in his inbox. He felt his own writing was full of generalizations and he came to us to make it specific and warm. Exactly like him!





Part of this rebrand for Tom was turning his focus from large weddings to more intimate weddings. We wanted to draw attention to the best parts of smaller weddings: the connections you can find. Less people = more time with each other. Also, a big part of his process as a wedding photographer is connecting with his couples. His best work comes from good relationships, so he builds intentional trust and connection from the very beginning.




I lead with connection, holding true to your intention to create a legacy that will last and last. I’m here for a day that is centered on you! 

There’s a story behind your love. There’s a long, winding path that brought you two together. I know there’s so much more to your connection than could ever be communicated. But in our time together I want to get a peek inside your narrative. I want to dive as deep as I can into your uniqueness. 


Tom was crunched for time when he landed in our inbox. Our process is super thorough and it requires a bit of work on the front-end. He had filled out questionnaires, taken a personality test, and connected us with his favorite clients within 48 hours of signing our contract. A dream to work with, to say the least. Levi wrote this site with Tom and they connected so well. Their bond made the copy even more specific and more appealing to Tom’s ideal clients. We also loved collaborating with other creatives; Tom’s is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen in a long time!




“Truly, I had high expectations for the quality of work that would come from working with Rachel and her team. I’d scoured the site, read reviews, and checked out some of the websites for their past clients. I knew they’d provide something I loved, and my clients loved to read. What I wasn’t quite expecting was just how quickly the entire process was. I was in a short crunch for some help with this project – I had a re-brand and website launch that I decided last-minute would be made better via some shiny, new copy. Within three days of reaching out, we were already right in the thick of putting this together – less than two weeks later, well, we were done! How?? I think a mix of love for their work, incredible workflow, and maybe a little magic.

Regardless, this should be enough to convince you to book them over and over, hands down. I just love the copy this team put together, and now that’s all I’m thinking about. I felt like there was always a bit of disconnect in this space prior to Green Chair Stories swooping in and fixing it all up. I love this team so much!!”

Also? It takes a village. This project came to life with the help of BRANDING BY Rhema Design Co. and a custom Showit web design by December Oak.

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