What I Know About…Being an aunt.

This is an extra special #WIKAWednesday because it’s also an announcement. I would like to welcome my new nephew, Mr. Everett Jay Beam into the world!! He was born yesterday morning at 11:00 and he is just the sweetest little elf I ever saw. I can’t wait to squeeze him when I’m home at Thanksgiving! (Congrats Matt and Becca!)

I first became an aunt three and a half years ago when Isabella Grace was born. And then again a few weeks later when Maximus Grey came along. And then again with Addie, and once more with Theo. I wrote about those four last summer, but now, I want to write about why the role of aunt is my absolute favorite.

1. Nieces and nephews have the best snacks, the best movies and the best toys. The last time I was home, I watched Frozen and ate pizza and ice cream for an entire day. Let me tell you what, kids know the real meaning of “Netflix and chill.”
2. Being an aunt is the only time babysitting is fun. You don’t have to be super paranoid about if the kid will tell their parents what you did or try to hide the fact that you ate all the good snacks. Because you’re at your sister’s house and you can just tell her straight up that you let the kid drink toilet water. In fact, you maybe got a video of it to laugh about it with her later.
3. Having nieces and nephews sates every narcissist’s curiosity for at least a little while. I mean, we’re all curious about what our genes will produce. Nieces and nephews give you a small glimpse into what could be yours. They are still a small part of you. And look at it this way: let your siblings do it first so you have an idea of what you’re getting later. 
4. Speaking of narcissism, being an aunt is like having your own fan club. Not always, but usually, when I call one of my little turds, there is excitement on the line. Especially if I pretend to need a doctor (Doc McStuffins, obvi) or if I start roaring and/or singing Dinotrux. We can play games over the phone and talk about what we ate that day and complain about there never being enough snacks in the world. I can pretend that Uncle Travis is a monster I’m trying to escape from and they think I’m hilarious. There are these little humans that will literally squeal with glee to talk to me. Who wouldn’t want that?
5. Being the cool aunt is SO much easier than being the cool mom. The cool mom tries too hard, what with her automatic minivan doors and too-tight skinny jeans. The cool aunt lives in Colorado and brings you to her house during the summer to eat pot brownies. We win every.single.time.
6. Two words: poopy diapers. Not my kid? Not my problem. Oh what’s that? You would like some Mountain Dew at bedtime? Sure! Cookies for breakfast? You came to the right lady. You want to skip your nap to snuggle? ABSOLUTELY. You pooped in your pants? Oh sweetie, that’s what mommy is for. 
7. Growing up, I always wanted to be with my aunts. They were loud and funny and smart and kind. I wanted to spend every get together hanging out with them. Last month when I was home, I spent three hours just chatting with some of them. I respect them so much and have always felt extremely privileged to have them in my life. I think the best part about being an aunt is knowing that one day there might be a 28-year-old that feels that way about me. I think we have aunts in our lives not so we can be spoiled and doted on, but because it’s a relationship that thrives on fun. It balances out the tough lessons that parents have to teach and gives us a small space in life to not do the hard stuff all the time. I want to be that space for my five little ones. Not one with no rules or boundaries, but a place where they always get to feel like a kid. I don’t know how to end this, so #auntlife4lyfe.

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