What I Know About…Cardigans.

Some categories of cardigans, from L to R: Casual, Fancy Casual, Fancy. 

Some categories of cardigans, from L to R: Casual, Fancy Casual, Fancy. 

No, this is not my attempt at a “fashion” post. (Although I do make an excellent headless model.) But cardigans are kind of my jam. And the post felt incomplete without a little sampling.

I counted my cardigans once. There were more than 30. I have a confession: I’m addicted. Every single time I go shopping, Travis asks the same question, “Did you buy a cardigan?” And approximately 72% of the time, I have to say yes. I can’t resist a deal and there’s nothing like a good out-of-season cardigan on sale.

They are just perfect. In so many ways:

1. They are always there for you on chubby days when you need a little extra coverage around the tummy.
2. Is there anything better than having a cardigan on a fall day when it’s still too warm for a jacket?!
3. One can simply never have too many black cardigans. My categories of them are as complex as Monica’s towel categories: Fancy. Casual. Fancy Casual. Light Cotton. Warm wool. Long and ethereal. Short and classy. The list goes on … see caption above.
4. Husbands don’t understand them. Every time I pack and can’t shut the suitcase, he asks, “Maybe you only need three cardigans for this two-day trip?” I then smile coyly and take out a pair of shoes.
5. There is a very specific kind of cardigan that I will never wear nor purchase. It has that very 1992 GAP catalog shape and pearl buttons. I just can’t go there. (And neither should you.)
6. I bought a cardigan for my wedding day. I saw a bride wearing one on a blog over her wedding dress and I was like, “I want that to be me!” My dress also had pockets, so it was clearly an occasion for a fancy casual cardigan. Unfortunately, our day was so muggy and humid and probably about 80 degrees. But I insisted on having it draped on my chair. A cardigan like that needed to be displayed either way. I still wear it, thankyouverymuch.
7. The best ones are always ones you can never find again. I would give anything to replace a Banana Republic cardigan with satin lining that I found in high school (which I’m ashamed to admit was only retired in recent history). Motto: when you find the perfect one, just go ahead and by two.

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