What I Know About…Cleaning.

This was a photo series I like to call "piles" that I made on my iPhone to send to my best friend and her clean freak of a family.

This was a photo series I like to call “piles” that I made on my iPhone to send to my best friend and her clean freak of a family.

When I told my sisters I was writing about What I Know About Cleaning, they all said, “Why? We know nothing about cleaning!” And after writing this, I’ve come to realize that they are right. But the things I do know about it are worth sharing. Join me in the insufferable pain that is cleaning, or perhaps explain to me in the comments about what exactly is the point of it.

1. Cleaning is the most commonly done thing ever in life with the least amount of permanence. Sometimes I find it absolutely silly to clean my house if I plan on actually living in it that week. I’m aware that I’m in the minority, but I do think I’m right.
2. I would pick dishes and laundry (well, the first part of laundry. The folding and putting away I am not so good at) over dusting and vacuuming every day of the week.
3. I’m not sure if making the bed counts as cleaning but I do find it the largest waste of time out of anything you can do inside a house.
4. I’m undecided on whether it’s ridiculous or not to pay someone to clean my house. Travis absolutely thinks it’s ridiculous. Which is why “we” do it ourselves. The quotes are because in all seriousness, Travis does most of the cleaning. I do think if we paid someone else, it would actually save me money in the long run. Hear me out: I procrastinate on work by reading or watching television when I have cleaning to do. It’s like I think if I read long enough, the house will clean itself. I could get more work done and give more mental attention to my business if things were clean. The most attention if someone else cleaned everything. I think a good compromise would be hiring someone to do a deep clean every season. Travis still says no. Cast your vote in the comments. If I beat Travis, well, I will just beat him. I’m sure I won’t get my way.
5. Rather than actually cleaning, I am prone to piling. There are small piles of related items scattered all over my house. Clean clothing piles on the floor of my bedroom, dirty clothing piles on the floor of the bathroom. Piles of the mail on the half wall, piles of shoes by the front door. Piles of food on the kitchen counter, papers I don’t know what to do with on the unused end of the dining room table. I could go on, but I won’t bother you with it all. 
6. I used to think that Windex could and did clean everything. It seemed like my mother used it constantly. We always had economy-sized bottles in our pantry growing up. Looking back, I’m certain she had many more cleaning agents … perhaps some with, you know, actual cleaning properties. But when I got married, all I had was Windex. I used it to “disinfect” things: counter surfaces, toilets, bathtubs, etc. I’m ashamed to admit it was less than 12 months ago that I finally realized that Windex is only for your toothpaste marks on the faucet and mirror … I’m still trying to figure out what all those other cleaning supplies do. Advice and tutorials welcome. 
7. Maybe I just don’t understand cleaning. People really seem to think it’s important. Some people even love it. I genuinely want to know what I’m missing. I’ve tried it, sometimes on the daily, and I’ve never felt accomplished or like it was time well spent. My mom compares it to working out: you feel good when it’s done and no one will ever thank you for it. But I don’t even agree with her there. When I’m done, I just want that time back. Help me people. Help me understand. Comment below…

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  1. I’m still begging my husband to let us hire someone to clean. If you figure out how to persuade yours, let me know.

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