What I Know About…Hiring me!

All 2014 clients got this coupon card to use in 2015!

All 2014 clients got this coupon card to use in 2015!

This post is 100% self-promotion. 

I take it back. This is 75% self-promotion and 25% a reminder to past clients. Guys! Remember those little discount cards you got last year? You should use them. You got my digits … give me a call to book your discounted session!

So, if there is anything I know well, it’s myself. But you guys don’t want to read 7 things exclusively about me. But maybe you want to know what it’s like to hire me? Here’s what I know:

1. Hiring me means that you get to join an exclusive club called “Rachel’s Clients.” I’m kidding. There isn’t an actual name. But I do file you into my system and remind myself to give you extra special love if you return for consecutive years. That love is usually in the form of discounted sessions. I do not take loyalty for granted and want you to always feel appreciated!
2. Every single family that orders a full photo package receives a book from me. Not like a photo album, but an actual novel. I truly believe that words are as significant as photos and I encourage all my clients to write their memories in addition to having them photographed. I think good reading inspires good writing, hence the book.
3. With me, you get digital files. Though I am a HUGE fan of printing photos (and offer professional grade prints), I also understand that it’s not always the right time to order big prints or canvases. I like to offer the digital files so you can print them as you desire. 
4. Speaking of prints, if you refer me to other people who hire me, I will always, always offer you a print from your most recent shoot with me. 
5. A shoot with with me always entails some laughs. Whether it’s the ridiculous things I will say to make your kids smile or the absurd ways I try to make myself taller, I guarantee you will be laughing.
6. In 2015, I started offering Day in the Life sessions. This means I hang out with your family for the day and capture candid moments of your real life. These are my very favorite sessions and produce my very favorite images.
7. I started photographing families for fun a couple years ago. What started as a side gig quickly became my full-time job, but the fun part still remains. I love working with people every day and showing them just how beautiful they are. Thank you for hiring me, but also for taking the time to read this long post which is basically just an ad.

If you stuck with this til the end, watch this video. You deserve it.

Ep. 17: Reasons Outside Is The Worst

This week on Whine About It… REASONS OUTSIDE IS THE WORST

Posted by Matt Bellassai on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

(This is how I feel about being outside, minus when I photograph. I actually really like photographing outside. Pardon the profanity. But seriously, if I don’t have my camera bag, where am I supposed to put all my snacks and lotions?!)


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