What I Know About…Resolutions.

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So. We’re in that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s where we have to work a little bit but not in a truly constructive way. We are still eating leftovers and casually attending the gym because we all have until January 1 to gain our winter layer. And we start thinking, “Oh. Should I do something next year? Make a change? Commit? Other people seem to be blogging about it an awful lot.”

And though I’m not the biggest resolution gal, I do love me a fresh start. I always love the idea of a new season, and at the very least the facade that this year, it’s going to work. So, what I know about resolutions.

1. Everyone makes fun of the people who make weight/fitness-related resolutions, but if we’re honest, don’t all of us think in the back of our head, “I could get skinny this year. That could be me.” But then, pizza. So don’t judge the new gym members or the friend that stops going out to eat with you because she’s “counting her points/not eating carbs/staying within her macros.” You do you people.
2. More often than not, they make me feel bad about myself. 12 months is a really long time to do anything, other than stay alive. When I have a hard time sticking with something, it makes me feel inadequate. The word itself is intimidating. Maybe I just don’t have the resolve for it all.
3. Be careful of posting them publicly. If we each post our five resolutions on Facebook, what happens in April when Uncle Tom writes on your wall in all caps saying, HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE YOU SAVED? or HAVE YOU REALLY READ A BOOK EVERY WEEK SINCE JANUARY?! It’s a lot of pressure Uncle Tom. And I just don’t need that in my life. Accountability and shaming toe an awfully close line here. (Also, stay tuned for my 2016 post. I will seriously be talking about my goals for the year.)
4. Making them with your spouse is the best/worst decision. They are the person that sees you every day and offers the most accountability. They are also probably the last person who you would like keeping you accountable. Also, if you both love sandwiches, you’re not going to help one another lose those 10 pounds.
5. If we all kept our resolutions, we would be perfect people. And perfect people are the worst.
6. Who came up with resolutions anyway? Wikipedia says it was religious groups, which makes a lot of sense. It also makes a lot of sense that our Western culture has turned something most likely spiritual and edifying into a way to look better. Oh, America.
7. Let’s face it, come October, we’re all going to be saying, “2016 was just…” and we have the opportunity to steer that conversation a little bit. We can choose tomorrow the way we will feel in 10 months. Please don’t commit to something daunting or unrealistic … but maybe just choose joy each day. That is a worthy resolution in and of itself.

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