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This season of life is maybe your most sacred one yet.

Yep. I said sacred.

I see you doing all the butt wiping, dish cleaning, laundry folding, angry whispering, dry shampoo-ing, middle-of-the-night snuggling, legging wearing, and let’s not forget the nervous Googling …

… but all that seemingly mundane, routine, life stuff? it’s exactly where memories are made and childhoods are built.

I wanna show you how important – how sacred – your exact life is.

Why I do this work

Also known as: my mission

I’m literally typing this with soaking wet hair, a sink full of dishes, and a baby throwing Legos at me. And you know what? I wish I had a freaking picture of it.

Because this season of life is so short and I really don’t want to forget how it feels. I feel like my daughter was born five seconds ago and now she’s walking over to me to tell me to stop working.

I want to remember her Frankenstein walk, the constant drooling from getting molars, and her ridiculous Bhudda belly. Because I already forget what adorable thing she did yesterday.

More importantly … I want to help you remember this season.

You are giving your kids your best right now. You deserve to remember the book you read every night for a year. Or the phase where your kid only ate bananas and Cheerios for all three meals. Or the tantrums you endured. Photos document not only what’s happening, but also how amazing you all are. They’ll show you the mom-ing and dad-ing and memory-making you do every single day.

You’re doing a great job and I wanna show you.

The Best Day Ever

One day, I was sitting with my sister and her son Max. We were doing something so ordinary that I can’t even recall what it was. Max looked up and said, “You know what guys? This is the best day ever.” He then proceeded to make up a song about how this was just the best day ever.

That one little sentence changed my entire perspective—about parenthood, childhood, my work, and documenting families.

It showed me that these seemingly mundane days are sincerely the best of a young family’s life. Not because they are the easiest or the most fun, but because the repetitive games, the funny phrases, the cleaning up, the mealtimes, and even the meltdowns—they all add up to something so big and so important.

Those everyday moments are the very foundation for these little humans and their future. In their homes, with their parents and siblings, is where they learn about trust and build relationships. It’s where they learn that every day can be the best day ever if it’s spent with the people they love.

What exactly is this work?

Also known as: my packages

Best morning ever

3–6 hours

A session to get some of your favorite daily routines. I encourage you to get out of the house, but also spend some time doing your normal activities.

Starting at


Best Day Ever

12 hours

This is pajamas to pajamas. I’m there from the time your little monkeys wake up until they go to sleep. Whatever you do on a normal Saturday, I’m HERE for it.

Starting at


Best season ever

a week, a month, or year

You heard me. 7 shoots in a week, 25 in a month, 18 in a year. I will come to ballet practice, to the grocery store, and to soccer games. It’s kind-of a big deal.

Starting at


“It was above and beyond anything we would ever dream of for photography.

Rachel has a visionary talent. While she is calculating light and capturing candid, beautiful photos, she also is connecting with your family. She is so relaxed and natural, making our little guys extremely comfortable. We truly appreciate her organic approach to capturing our ‘real’ family. What I appreciated most from Rachel was the personalized book that she delivered with our photos. The inscription included a very personal note about our family and why she chose it to read to our boys. It was above and beyond anything we would ever dream of for photography. Her soul is in it!”

Candace R

You’re GOnna Want these Photos

Let’s plan your best day ever

And take some photos of it

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