The Guide to Write Your Site Right – UPDATED IN 2023!

This guide will help you find your worth, learn how to communicate it, and help you write a website that finally sounds like you …

… a website that brings more of the clients you love right into your inbox.

So what is it? This guide?

It’s the exact process I’ve used to write websites for more than 300 photographers over the past 6 years. It’s been tweaked, edited, and perfected with one goal in mind: to get you booked. By your favorite clients of all time.

It’s part self-help, part business guide, part copywriting course. Also? It’s in a Google Doc format so you’ll make a copy and you can get started immediately.

What’s included:

  • More than 70 questions for you to ask yourself to start writing from a place of self-awareness.
  • More than 25 questions to ask your favorite past clients to uncover what they love most about working with you (hint: the words they use will become the basis of your site copy.)
  • Exercises to find the guiding principles of your business and advice on how to apply that to your website words (and examples from past clients that I’ve written for).
  • The outline I use to write every single website for my clients.
  • My dirty little secret about SEO that will save you a lot of work and anxiety.
  • Tips and tricks for starting and finishing every page on your site.
  • My personal bag of prompts for when I get stuck writing: exercises, tactics, and tricks to get the brain juices flowing.
  • The most comprehensive checklist to edit your website words that I’ve ever seen on the internet to make sure your site doesn’t sound like everyone else’s.
  • Bonus! An entire section of resources. It’s specific chapters of books, personality test recommendations, podcast episodes, website design templates and custom designers, AND examples of my favorite photographer websites.

You in or what?


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