Liz Gibbs

In one of Liz’s first emails to me, she used the word CRAPSTICKS. And meant it. She claimed that she sucked at writing and hated talking about herself. The second one I believed. The first one, not so much.

Because she made me laugh in every single exchange. I knew she had the right words, she just couldn’t get them out of her brain and onto the page. We couldn’t wait to write her a site that matched the personality coming through in her emails.





Liz came to me with a site full of gorgeous images. Jaw-dropping images. Her work was some of the best I’d seen. It was inspired and had a point of view. But her site had no personality, no perspective. This was a gal covered from head to toe in beautiful tattoos. Who owned more houseplants than she owned dishes. Who had the weirdest and cutest little pup named Tuti in her headshot.

So where was the quirk? Where was all of her unique awesomeness that could surely draw in clients that were as fun and cool as she was? She hired a designer, Kat, who specializes in one-of-a-kind funkiness. So we paired her with equally funky Levi to write words to match the unreal brand Kat and Liz were creating together. We wanted site copy that was irrefutably Liz. One she could read and feel herself coming alive on the page.


Liz invested in this site and it shows. The most rewarding thing about writing copy is when a client puts it on a beautiful design. We adore how this looks, how it feels, and how it sounds. Levi and Liz worked hard to create something that sounds like Liz does in real life. We wanted the site to feel like a conversation with a friend. A friend who happens to be mega-talented, fun, and ready to document the best day of your life.




Working with Rachel and her team was amazing for multiple reasons, and I feel self conscious writing a review knowing I’ll never write anything as good as she has. Rachel was SO fast to get back to me anytime I needed anything, she made the process SO painless and easy. EFFORTLESS! I felt from the moment she emailed me back that I was in good hands.

I knew my website was drab and lacked ALL kinds of important copy, I know now looking at what I have that my website is complete in so many ways that it wasn’t before. I’ve shared with some of my friends and they have all said “This is YOU!!!” and my husband even said “it sounds like you wrote this” which is a very sweet compliment but I could have never written the things they did in the way they did it. I cannot wait to see where this copy on my website takes me, hopefully matching me with every client that shares the same views and values that I do. I think the copy speaks for itself and will be VERY helpful in the coming future.

I would recommend Rachel and her team over and over and over again to anyone looking for copy! I cannot rave enough about how damn happy I am. WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY! (Rachel I’m very sorry for the grammatical errors in this, I will learn one day) thank you for being the absolute best!

Also? It takes a village. This project came to life with the help of KAT COSMA on branding and web design.

Want to browse more case studies? Right this way.


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