Do you ever buy something that changes your life instantly?

You wanna shout it from the rooftops. And if you’re anything like me, you won’t talk about anything else for exactly 6 days.

(I had a sandwich yesterday that will be in the conversational rotation for another week, MINIMUM.)

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This page is me, Rachel, shouting from the internet’s rooftops, about what I love.

Everything I’ve included here was life-changing for me, with the snap of a finger—or the push of a “Buy” button.

I’ve got free stuff, cheap stuff, and a list of skincare that is fancier than I have any business buying (but I do be buying it).

First up?

The Shop


The Guide to Write Your Site Right

For Wedding Photographers

The Email Pack to Give You Time Back

For Family Photographers

The Email Pack to Give You Time Back

For All Photographers


For Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographer Questionnaire

For Family Photographers

Family Photographer Questionnaire

“These are literally amazing.”

I sent three “Don’t Give Up The Ghost” emails this morning to inquiries that I was certain were long gone. One of them just booked (after ignoring my last email). Another replied within an hour (after ignoring my last TWO emails) to talk about booking an elopement instead of a wedding. These are literally amazing.

– Shanna McCann

From Our customers

Oh wow, rude much?

Oh wow, rude much?

Who buys something from someone they don’t know?

Hiiiiiiii, I’m Rachel. I’m the person on the left, and the founder of Green Chair Stories. I look like that 3% of the time (hover over the pic for what I look like the other 97%). I’m usually sitting at my desk in leggings with my hair on top of my head. You care most probably that I’m a copywriter for photographers. I care most about the fact that you’re here. Thanks for comin’; means the world.

I’m a mom, a wife, a person with so many ideas and not enough time to execute on them. I save all my energy for the best ones, like those products above. If I birth it into the world, it’s my best work. (My kids are almost as good as those products.)

I’m a photographer too, so I like, really, get you. Our team has written for more than 300 photographers over the past 5 years, and not a single one has your exact je ne sais quoi. I won’t stop preaching the good news of writing your own copy until every photographer understands that they have something to contribute. You included.

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Listen to Me Gab

Excuse me? Getting paid to talk? Dream job! Here’s a playlist of all the podcasts I’ve been on recently. If you listen to all of them, you’ll basically have the exact steps we take when we write copy for our clients. Steal it all; it’s free.

Here’s an updated list of old faithfuls and new favs. If you’re shocked something isn’t on there, send me and email and recommend it to me plz. I love to add books to my to-read pile. If you want a specific recommendation, I’m happy to do that too.

What I’m Reading

People You Should Hire

This is my #1 most-requested list: website designers for photographers. So I created it to show you who my favs are to work with and the platforms they use. If you’re even thinking about a rebrand, reach out to them ASAP to get an idea of the timeline.

My business is fun because of the people I work with, and it’s functional because of these tools. I couldn’t make it through a single day without using them all and if you’re looking for ways to make your life easier, this list is for you.

What I Pay For

Attend These Events

With the world opening back up again, conferences are on the table! This list is a growing resource of all the different ways to go meet up with other photographers, broken down by the kind of photography you do.

My inbox is full of newsletters from other people. And there’s a select few that I will read, 100% of the time. I always learn something and almost always forward them to someone. So here’s my favs, so you can subscribe too.

Read All About It

The hardest part about writing is starting. It’s the blinking cursor on the blank page.

So here’s the secret to un-blank that page.

Just for Funsies

I’m not all business over here. Actually, not even like 50% business. I really just love making people’s lives easier, work related or not. These lists are full of my favorite products that I recommend to my friends IRL all the time.

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