We’ll write you a website that gets you booked.

What if the words on your site actually sounded like … you?

What if the words on your site

actually sounded like 
... you?
And what if those exceptionally you words slid your very favorite clients right into your DMs (read: inbox)?

If writing your website makes you cry, throw things, scream, or even just feel a little annoyed, you’ve come to the right place.

We get it. We literally do copywriting for photographers every single day and even we have to stare down the cursor while it blinks insults at us sometimes.

This is our job and it’s still hard.

Because writing about yourself is hard. How can you strike the perfect balance of confidence and humility? How do you tell people how great you are without sounding like a real douche-burger? Can you write douche-burger on your professional website?

Life’s biggest questions, ya know?

You don’t have to go it alone or start from scratch. We’re here to help.

As a copywriting team who has overcome the blinking cursor literally thousands of times, we know there’s a better way.

We’re not the only ones who can help. Go google “copywriting for photographers.” You’ll get a bunch of great options.

But we bet they didn’t say douche-burger on their website, sooooooo …

Green Chair Stories copywriter for photographers

“Hiring Green Chair Stories was THE BEST thing I could have done for my business.

So if you’re on the fence about hiring someone to take care of this for you, don’t wait any longer.

Even after implementing my new copy just on the homepage, I instantly saw an increase in leads. The clients who have hired me are exactly who I was looking for. I finally feel like I can focus on other areas of my business and not worry about my website copy speaking to my ideal client. This changed my business and the way I speak to my clients!!”

From Our Clients

This is where I’m supposed to use my face to help you trust me.

Is it working?

I’m Rachel and I started this thing almost a decade ago. This section used to say: “I am Green Chair Stories and she is me.” And while I would love to take credit for (gestures wildly) all of this, this business lives and dies by collaboration.

Every day, I get to work with a team I love and write for photographers who inspire me. I believe we are all at our best when we work together, and that’s the spirit you’ll get if you work with us. It’s a team effort from the second you slide into our inbox.

Case Studies

Also known as: Real work for real clients

Our job is to help you figure out what makes you different from the photographer down the street.

So here’s what makes us different than that other copywriter you reached out to.

(We’re sure she’s great, but loooooook):

…and you only have to be active in that process for one work week.

We literally call your favorite past clients to figure out what we need to say to get more people just like them. (We hate talking on the phone as much as you do, but that should show you just how much we care.)

No fluff that makes us charge more. You need a website? Great. We’re the experts.

We will be the first people to tell you if you shouldn’t hire us. We pride ourselves on aggressive transparency. So if we don’t think this is a good investment for you, we’ll tell you. (But you won’t know until you reach out.)

Your Green Chair Experience


We have so much free stuff for you: downloadable PDFs, podcast episodes, and blogs with tips on tips. Also lists of great designers for photogs, conferences, and more.


A step-by-step guide to walk you through writing your own copy and, in our opinion, the best email templates for photographers to exist on the internet.


If writer’s block has turned your brain into alphabet soup, we’ve got one-on-one services. Just fill out the contact form and step away from the laptop. We’ll take it from here.

“This was hands down the best investment for my business!

The quality of my bookings has been night and day since I’ve implemented their work. I’ve literally booked the most amazing couples that share the same love and affinity for the outdoors as myself! I knew I had awesome photos, but I needed my voice to match. Green Chair Stories crushed it!

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and work with your ideal clients, then invest in Green Chair Stories. They are absolute experts and will surely bring you where you want to be!”

From Our Clients

The hardest part about writing is starting. It’s the blinking cursor on the blank page.

So here’s the secret to un-blank that page.

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