Copywriter For Photographers

There’s only one number that really matters to us.

We could tell you …

… how many photographers we’ve worked with over the years

300 and counting

cough cough

… how many photographer’s clients we’ve interviewed


… how many 5-star reviews we’ve gotten


But those numbers don’t matter in comparison to the one person reading this right now — YOU.

We care about your business. Your results. Your actual life.

And here’s the thing about being a copywriter for photographers:

Don’t hire us just because you
want to make more money.

Hire us because …

… you’re ready to stop DIYing everything and actually do what you love.
… you’re desperate to work with your favorite clients, every single weekend.
… you want to wake up every day, thrilled to run your business the way you want to.

“It’s such a relief to know my website is a true reflection of me and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without Green Chair Stories.

This team was amazing to work with right from the start! I’m a wedding photographer and was in DESPERATE need of some copy for my site. (I’m pretty sure my site looked like a 12-year-old wrote it.)

They worked with me to really put my voice into writing, so clients and future clients could really get a sense of who I am. I’m so happy with all the suggestions and changes we’ve made. 10/10 would recommend these copywriters for photographers!”

From Our Clients

How can we help?

There are three ways we help photographers with their copy:

Green Chair

The Polaroid.

Do you just have like a couple questions and you would really like to hop on the phone with Rachel? Do you need copy-adjacent business advice and have a gut feeling she could help you with it? Well now you can …


The Green Chair
Glow Up


This is an audit of your site. We’re gonna glow up the goodness you already have. We’ll research your brand, have an hour-long call to go over your site, and you’ll get a PDF with all our suggestions within 48 hours.


Your Green
Chair Story

The Leica.

This is the full shebang. If you’re crying frustrated tears while trying to write your site, let us help. We’ll write the whole thing for you. Fill out our contact form and then shut your laptop. We’ll take it from here.

Starting at


A great copywriter for photographers has a great process.

It’s truly the secret sauce for how we get results. Here’s ours.

tl;dr We work with ONE photographer at a time and our turnaround time for websites is 11 days. You deserve all our attention, not just some of it.

(click to expand)

1 — You email us and tell us you don’t want to try to write your copy by yourself for one more second.

2 — We send you our pricing and availability immediately via email. We don’t make you get on a phone call or try to upsell you.

3 — We book your slot and then you’ll get all the goodies: a personality test for you to take, a questionnaire to fill out, and a spot on our calendar.

4 — We’ll research our tooshies off, calling your past clients, learning about you, your existing brand, your market, and who you want to be booking in the future.

5 — We have our phone call! Together we dig deep into your answers to all our questions and we learn more about you as a person. Don’t be creeped out when we know more about you than you thought was on the internet. It’s our job. We also listen to your voice and your passion and begin to translate that into copy for your site.

6 — Just 7 days later, you receive your first draft in a Google Doc. From that moment, you have a full work week of our undivided attention. We will respond to any comments you make within 24 hours. We edit as much as you want.

7 — You have copy that sings. Honestly, it probably even dances too. Most importantly, it sounds like you and it speaks directly to the hearts of your clients.

Does the description above feel like an 8-course meal and you’re just looking for a really good dessert? Do you already have copy you’re pretty OK with but you’re looking to glow it up a little? (Do you need help but not that much?)

Cool cool cool … we have an audit option as well! (And yesssssss it’s cheaper.)

1 — You email us and tell us you need some help zhuzhing up your words, but you’re unsure what an audit even is.

2 — We examine your site and see if we feel like a Glow Up is the best option for you. If we can tell you have a point of view and a good grasp on your audience, then that answer will be yes.

3 — We send you our availability (wait time is usually a month or less). You book your call and we send you the questionnaire

4 — We get to work on our end: we comb through every piece of your site looking for gaps. We read it as your ideal client and see what you’re missing. We make a huge document full of notes for you. 

5 — We have our call! We go over the notes, some of the lines of copy we’ve written for you, and who exactly your ideal client is. This call is always part copy help, part business coaching. 

6 — Within 48 hours of the call, we deliver that monster Google Doc to you with all of our suggestions that we talked about on the phone. It will have design recommendations, specific phrases and sentences of copy that will light up your life, and helpful tips for how to implement it all.

This 50-page guide gives you all our secrets for writing website copy. You’ll have access to the exact same step-by-step process (detailed above) that we guide all our clients through, except you’ll do it for yourself. It will feel like we are holding your hand the entire time.

Let us guess what your biggest hesitations are about hiring a copywriter for photographers.

If we’re right, you owe us an inquiry.

Magic. Jk jk can you imagine if that was our real answer?!

We do it by listening. We listen and take notes on your word choice, the way you talk, and how you sound different than the photographer we talked to last week. We listen to the words your clients use to describe you and what they say about the experience of working with you.

And then we contrast that with the copy you have on your current site and social media. We identify what’s not working so we can create copy that does work and does sound like you and does appeal to your very favorite clients.

If you’re here, it means something isn’t working in your business. It means you know things could be better, but you’re not sure how. Maybe you need to get something off your plate or maybe you’re not booking the right people or maybe you’re not booking anyone at all.

These are all the things we take into consideration before booking a new client. We will absolutely talk ourselves out of a job if we don’t think it’s the right time for you. We’ll give you suggestions on what might be a better investment or when you should come back to us. We are not in the business of booking every photographer who comes through our doors (read: into our inbox). Honesty is our only policy, so let us help you decide if this is the right time.

Your hesitation here is understandable. But remember: you’re our only client during that time. We are not writing for anyone else while we write your site. And we come into that two-week period having done some leg work: we’ve called your past clients ahead of time. We’ve read through your Instagram captions. We’ve read every word in your questionnaire. We’ve had two writers prep for your initial call, figuring out what questions to ask and what overall direction we think the copy is going in. So yes, we need YOU for 11 days. But we are already 100 yards into the 200 yard dash by the time we hop on the phone.

Can we be so bold as to say … you won’t? Not because we nail it right out of the gate, but because we work so hard during the editing week to listen to your feedback. We are great listeners and even better implementers. If you think what we wrote for Round 1 doesn’t fit your audience, we will dig deep and figure out why. Then we will edit until it feels oh-so-perfect for your people.

I’m gonna give you an answer that goes against most sales tactics they teach you in business school: you don’t know if it will be worth it. And we don’t either. Your copy is just one piece of the whole machine that is your business. We think it’s a super important one, but it’s still just one. It’s up to you to deliver on what the copy promises. We can write you copy that sells the hell out of you, but you need to be that photographer for your clients. If you’re here, willing to make this kind of investment, then you probably are that person.

Our process can help you see exactly what you bring to the table if you can’t see that right now. Investing in anything in your business is betting on yourself. We’ll bet on you; would you?

“My new website copy feels like me, looks like me, and IS me in every word and phrase.

I just wanted to start by saying that if you doubt whether you need a copywriter for photographers or not, YOU NEED ONE! You need to go all in because you will never be able to write how Green Chair Stories does. I could personally not be more thankful for the experience, the connection, and the result. The level of detail that this team is trying to get to know you is beyond what I expected, and I learned a lot about myself during the process as well.”

From Our Clients

Are you confused because you started following green chair stories 10 years ago and you thought we did photography?


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