The BEST Email Templates for Photographers

An Email Pack to Give You Time Back

The best email templates for photographers to save you time and get you referred in 2023.

You’ve heard this question about a million times in one of the 73 Facebook groups you’ve joined ...

“How do I respond to an email when my client says …”

So many people ask for help because writing emails is tiring. Thinking about crafting a perfect response to a client to keep them happy is the last thing you want to do after a weekend of shooting. It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s that your brain is full of the 32 other things you have to get done this week. 

I got you boo.

you need emails that practically write themselves

Emails for every situation …
From why you won’t give out raws to how to get your money when it’s overdue to how to say “no” to a client.

I’ve pulled together my best email templates that I’ve used in my own business over the past 10 years.

And I’m giving them to you.

If you’re feeling … 

… overwhelmed and like every email takes you an hour to write

… afraid that you’re losing your brand voice and money every time you open your inbox

… like you sound dumb every time you stare at the email you’re supposed to be sending

You’re in luck


The Email Pack

Templates for photographers to help you save hours of time every week 


Give your clients an incredible experience with you, from initial inquiry to final gallery delivery

20 templates to blow your mind


blow up your calendar

These emails are structured for you to play with. They give you the bones of what makes a compelling sale, a few jokes to throw in where appropriate, and a lot of human words that make you sound loveable, trustworthy, and uber competent. (Which we both know you are.)

Because that’s what your clients want:

someone who knows what they are doing and can make the whole process a damn good time.

You are that person.

You’ll Get:

A customizable inquiry

(Three versions) … Arguably the most important email you send

Don’t give up the ghost

An email to respond to people who ghosted you. It’s way better than the simple magic email, in my not-so-humble opinion

Asking for a second date

An email to follow-up on a phone consult that went well

No, I don’t do discounts

An email to kindly tell people no and offer some different options

I’m so sad I’m booked!

An email to convince them to change their date and/or to offer referrals

Let’s see if we can work it out

An email to pitch your associate photographer

It’s an email party

An email to lay out exactly when they can expect to hear from you

Lemee ask you something

An email to deliver your questionnaire to get to know them

Where is my money?

(Four versions) … An email to ask them to kindly pay their invoice

Meet my favorite people

An email with a list of your vendor recommendations

Checking in

An email to check in the week of the wedding or session

Photos of you livin’, laughin’, and lovin’

An email to deliver sneak peeks

Sharing the love

An email to send galleries to vendors and actually get them to tag you

Price shopping 101

An email to respond to price shoppers and reel them in

Was it something I said?

An email to ask the awkward question of why they chose someone else

I’m sorry

An email for when you mess up (You? NEVER!)

The goods enclosed

An email to deliver the final gallery

Please leave me a review

The perfect email to get people to leave you a KILLER testimonial

OOO Automatic email

(Two versions) … An email that makes people actually excited you’re on vacation

Can I have my deposit back?

(Two versions) … An email to respond to someone who wants their money back, for any number of reasons

“It’s obviously a no-brainer.

“Within a week, using these templates, I booked an elopement, booked a full day wedding that I was convinced was already off the table, received two new reviews, a backlink in a publication, multiple social media tags and most importantly I’ve gotten happy feedback from my clients. at this point it’s obviously a no-brainer.”

– sharee d.

From Our Clients

How would your business be different if …

… it took you half as long to send emails?

… your emails sounded as fun and excited as you actually are?

… you weren’t starting from scratch every time you open your inbox?

… potential clients responded to your emails with “sold!” on the regular instead of asking a million questions?

Imagine this.

It’s Monday morning. You had an incredible weekend shooting. All you want to do is open up Lightroom and look at those bomb portraits you took when the light was juuuuust right. But you know you have a few emails to send. A few sticky ones where you’re not quite sure what to say.

But rather than logging into Facebook and asking for help, you’ve got the perfect template to use. 

You’re in and out of your inbox in less than 20 minutes.

Because you finally have templates for every step of your process. And not just templates that “will do”, but emails that feel like you and make your clients feel valued and cared for.

You’re back to doing what you love: working with clients you adore, creating a magical experience for them, and delivering images they will be proud to hang on their walls.

Green Chair Stories stamp white transp

“These templates have made my life so much easier.

They were so easy to implement into my business and I know they are going to save me hours upon hours. they are so thorough and I know they will help me give my clients an even better experience. not only are these just the best email templates ever, they are also an outline to a workflow for my business. they just really truly couldn’t be more helpful. photographers, these templates are worth spending all your money on.”

– emily w.

From Our Clients

Peek Inside

I hate the word workflow.
It’s not sexy.

But the truth about having a good workflow is that it’s the difference between a successful business and a failing one.

Here’s why.

Happy Clients = More Referrals.

And happy clients are ones who hear from you often and feel like they can trust you. You are already fun and personable and FANTASTIC when you get clients on the phone or in front of your lens. But when you sit down to write your emails? All of a sudden the only thing that comes out of your fingers is a lot of:

I highly suggest …

However …

Attached is a questionnaire …

All that personality flies right out from your brain and you accidentally sound like the CEO of Costco.

Email templates don’t hand you a personality that you don’t have, but they give you a foundation to build from so you can inject the magic of you and your experience into every interaction you have with your clients.

When clients are happy, they tell their friends.

So the emails you send today impact your bookings next year.

“I’m getting the kind of reviews I used to dream about.

I used to get a decent amount of reviews from clients, and while they all gave five stars, the reviews themselves were often short and boring, without any heart. Then, Rachel helped me re-write my email template and knew exactly what questions to ask to get the long, detailed, emotional reviews that share the full experience of working with me and I can’t thank her enough for it.”

– Nina L.

From Our Clients

Let’s say PEACE OUT to inbox paralysis

And hellloooooo to quick responses, saved bookings, and personal-yet-professional replies

(even in the most time-pressing and awkward of situations)

I guarantee there is one email in this pack that can help you today. Whether that’s simply the testimonials you’ve been dragging your feet about asking for or the inquiries you haven’t found the motivation to answer. Let me help you.

I’m not going to tell you that these emails are really worth $2,984 or something ridiculous. I’m a straight-talkin’ kind of gal. But I can tell you that you need these if …

… You’re wasting your time emailing

… You have this weird robot version of yourself that comes out when you try to send an email

… You’re losing clients somewhere in the emailing process and you’re not sure why

So yeah, if that’s you, these are worth a lot of money. But I’m giving them to you for …


That’s $3 an email!!

You’ll get the 20 emails listed above aaaaand a few extras, like:

  • How to respond when someone asks for RAW Images (Like, WHY THO.)
  • An answer to that pesky “When will my photos be ready?” question
  • 2 different COVID times check-in emails to send to couples who are getting married in a few months and need to think about other options in these unprecedented timessss

“These templates are beyond worth the investment (They’re a steal).

As photographers, we aren’t always the best at putting what we want to say into words. Rachel, like always, is a magician with words – she created these email templates that are perfect on their own, but easy enough for you to put your own spin on! They’ve helped me put into words what and how I feel about my clients + potential clients, while leaving room to add my own personality. From someone who’s used templates in the past, these are everything you could need in more. She’s thought of every step in client communication.”

– courtney s.

From Our Clients

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

Time shouldn’t be your biggest concern when it comes to emails.

It should be the experience your clients get when you communicate with them. I’ve read thousands of reviews that clients have left for photographers. And the best ones always start and end with how much they valued the experience. The personality. The communication.

People are not only buying your photos. They are buying the experience you provide. These emails won’t just change your life. They will change their life.

Maybe you’ve tried to create your own templates and even loaded them up in Dubsado or Honeybook, but they don’t sound anything like you. Which is why I made these. They are designed to get your personality out of your head and into your writing. The personality you bring on a wedding day: Your best self. Your funniest self. Your most charming holy-crap-this-photographer-is-everything self.

The Email Pack for Wedding Photographers

Instant Download Includes

today’s price$76

valued at $250

20 email templates, one for every step of the workflow
Access to the Google Doc to copy and save in your own Google Drive
Detailed notes about how to customize emails for your brand
5 bonus emails

The Email Pack for Family Photographers

Instant Download Includes

today’s price$76

valued at $250

20 email templates, one for every step of the workflow
Access to the Google Doc to copy and save in your own Google Drive
Detailed notes about how to customize emails for your brand
5 bonus emails

“What are you waiting for?

Rachel knows how to inject personality into the most boring of emails and motivates responses where there were crickets before. This is a screaming deal (believe me), and if you don’t have these templates yet, what are you waiting for?”

– Leisl B.

From Our Clients

The Green Chair Guarantee

Before I forget … Hi, I’m Rachel.

I’ve written almost 200 websites for photographers at this point. WUT.

That means I’ve spent thousands of hours talking with people just like you (and your clients), hearing frustrations about their businesses, hiccups in their process, and identifying the points where people are leaving money on the table.

I’ll be honest:

I initially didn’t want to write these templates. I had two small babies, it was 20-freaking-20, and selling products just isn’t my jam.

But I was asked to write these SO many times. Begged, even. Then when I started, I LOVED doing it. I kept thinking about all the people these would help and how radically it could transform your business.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a great salesperson. I’m not trying to sell you something for the sake of selling. I made these to help you. And I SO know they will.

White graphic R

Frequently Asked Questions

I honestly just wanted to make something that was helpful and accessible. Not everyone can afford an entire rebrand for their business. But I truly believe that client experience can sell you as good as or better than your website. If you make people happy, you’ll keep getting referrals and clients. I genuinely just want to help.

First, I doubt you’re that bad. Second, if you really are, then these are exactly what you need. You can copy/paste and just fill in the blanks (though I really do encourage you to try to jazz them up!). I wrote them with personality, so there won’t be much required of you!

They are prettttty specific to weddings, but there are still a few that will help any photographer or biz owner in the wedding industry. If you’re not sure if it’s worth it, just shoot me an email: rachel(at)

Just a good old fashioned Google Doc because WE FANCY around here. A PDF is sometimes complicated to copy and paste from and I honestly just wanted you guys to be able to use these immediately.

Nope, these are not templates for email newsletters. They are templates you use every week in your business.

Email me! rachel(at)

One more time …

The Email Pack for Wedding Photographers

Instant Download Includes

today’s price$76

valued at $250

20 email templates, one for every step of the workflow
Access to the Google Doc to copy and save in your own Google Drive
Detailed notes about how to customize emails for your brand
5 bonus emails

The Email Pack for Family Photographers

Instant Download Includes

today’s price$76


20 email templates, one for every step of the workflow
Access to the Google Doc to copy and save in your own Google Drive
Detailed notes about how to customize emails for your brand
5 bonus emails

Bummer Alert.

This is not an expensive product. We both know this. It would be a HUGE bummer if you took all my hard work and shared it with anyone else when we also both know they could easily buy this for themselves. I don’t have fancy tracking software to tell me if you do that, but I do have my toddler telling you what a huge bummer it would be if you stole her lunch money.

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