Babies…They are coming!

I got to do something veeeeeeeery fun last month. I got to photograph not one, but TWO pregnancy announcements. Because I’m so nosy, it was a dream come true to be “in the know” about these little bumps before everyone else. Just another reason to love this job!

The first session was for Steven and Kassia…I’ve known Kassia and her family since we were little; we went to the same summer camp growing up and eventually became counselors together too! 

I just happened to be back in Pennsylvania at the time she was looking to take an announcement photo – perfect timing! They had fun Starbucks photos on their wedding day and knew they wanted to use coffee again here. Kassia had the idea and we just went for it – I was so happy with the results.

Baby Cox will be arriving in March 2015 and I can tell you, this little one will be overwhelmed with love from their families.

The second announcement was for my dear friends Chris and Sara. We brainstormed a bunch of different ideas and we narrowed it down to the two below.

We giggled our way through the session because it was so clearly “them.” Miles, their adorable pooch, was very cooperative and we used him in every shot. 

Baby Cosenza is also due in March 2015 and will also be smothered with love. Mainly, by me. OK, and a couple other people too. 

A big THANK YOU to both couples! So glad you trusted me with your secret!!

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  1. So cute!! I just recently have been given the same top secret information for two couples and I love being in the know before even their own family! It’s so much fun thinking up creative ways to share this news. ๐Ÿ™‚

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