Writing…My philosophy.

I know this sounds cheesy and perhaps trite, but I really do think everyone is a writer. There is no way that putting pen to paper isn’t therapeutic. When done with the only intention of working through something, it can be a salve for the worst wounds. It can provide answers to questions you’ve only asked inside your own head. It is literally the tangible version of thoughts. And sometimes ya just gotta see it in real life to really figure out how you feel.

I absolutely don’t think that everyone should be obligated to share their writing with the world, unless that’s the original intention. I don’t think everyone needs to be publishing words. But I think everyone should try out some journaling and see if they don’t feel better at the end of the day.

I don’t feel this way about photography. A big piece of photography is technology, along with a passion to keep up with said technology. It’s changing. It requires research, practice and equipment. And dedication, commitment and perhaps some education (either through school or a mentor). This space isn’t trying to inspire everyone to be a photographer. But I wouldn’t hate it if this became a space to inspire tangible thoughts. Written ones.

Reading should inspire writing, hence the Reads tab on this site. 

So almost everyone I photograph gets a book that is relevant to who they are as a person, family or business. Along with the book comes a note from me at the front. People hire me to capture their life events. Families, weddings, maternity, etc. If you’re hiring me, that means you want these memories documented. And photos are a huge part of that, but so words. My notes to people almost always encourage them to write down their thoughts and feelings during this season of life. How cool would it be if a mom can give her 18-year-old son a journal entry she wrote before he was even born? One that expressed her fear, excitement and love she already had for him? It’s such a simple, easy thing that can bring so much value.

If there is a “culture” to Green Chair Stories, it’s about preservation. I can wax nostalgic all day about my favorite life events. But it’s even better if I have something physical, like words on paper or a photograph, to go with how the memory lives in my mind.

So, please be encouraged to write. Even if you think you’re crap at it. Do it! You’ll thank me later. Promise.


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  1. Yes and amen. This whole idea is one of the major reasons I became a teacher way back in the day. There is such power in getting words out of your head and onto the page – even if you never intend to share them. Well said, lady!

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