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Angie has been a friend of Green Chair Stories for long time. She even guest wrote a beautiful guest blog post for us back in 2016. She is an absolute professional, one of the most experienced birth and family photographers in the game. 

But because she had been in business for so long, she felt like her website was “too safe.” She wanted to showcase her stunning family films and have language on her site that invoked a ton of emotion. She wanted our help and we were thrilled to give it to her. We got to do a Green Chair Glow Up with Angie which is an audit of her site. We took the goodness she already had and just glowed it up a little. 


prose meets copy


Angie is a BIG thinker. She’s able to take big ideas about life, love, and family, and weave them into beautiful prose. The only problem is that sometimes that poetic kind of language is too heavy for a website. Copy is words that sell. So we needed to take her natural writing talent and funnel into something just a little more straightforward


“I want to give you more. More of your honest moments to remember. More of the nostalgia to come back to. More of your life to hold onto.”



Working with people who love to write is rare for us. Being able to shape a natural talent was out-of-this-world fun. And Angie was so willing to take all feedback. I’m so impressed with what she was able to write after our coaching call and we hope this site brings her more of her favorite clients to work with!



“I chose the Green Chair Glow Up option. It was just what I needed! I knew that new branding and web design were not going to convert leads unless they were paired with strategic words that connected with and inspired those potential clients. Rachel gave me such meaningful marketing strategy advice and helped shape my thoughts and words so they were still my voice, but more directed to my audience to drive home what they love about me and to address their concerns. The result is a website I’m finally proud to share!

You might think you have a decent idea of what needs to be said on your site but let me tell you—that Rachel knows her stuff and she will make your site sparkle like you never knew it could! I’m so thankful she was part of my team, and that she has since become a friend to me. I respect her work so much and love her vibrant personality, and I highly recommend her to all photographers seeking a fabulous copywriter.”

Also? It takes a village. This project came to life with the help of a custom web design by January Made Designs.

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