How I Didn’t Shop For A Year…And you can too!

no shopping for a year

So I did this thing this past year. And I wrote about it on the blog and my close friends knew about it, but I realized that just not that many people read this blog. Therefore, a lot of people didn’t realize I was doing it.

This thing is that I didn’t buy any new clothing all year. I went shopping for the first time yesterday and posted about it on Instagram. And I guess that is where people read what I write.

The response to my post was instant and resounding. I had several private messages sent to me, as well as public comments on the post. They all basically said the same thing:

How did you do this?
What were your rules?
Was it difficult?
Can you tell me more?

So I decided (after some prompting from a friend) to write out a little guide, outlining exactly why I did this, how I did it, the challenges, what I learned, and tips and resources for how others could do it. Also! I included a page with journal prompts for people to reflect on why they might be interested in doing something like this!

It’s only $2.99 and 30% of the proceeds from this will be donated to the Clean Clothes Campaign, an organization dedicated to ensuring the fundamental rights of garment workers are respected all over the world.

Click below to buy it and please share with someone who may be interested in this!

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