What I Know About…Cookies.

What I Know About Wednesdays (#WIKA) is a new series where I will write about things I know about on—you guessed it—Wednesdays. I figure I know at least seven things about the important topics in our world. I will provide lists of my acquired knowledge which will no doubt change your life each week.

To introduce this series, I thought I would start with my favorite thing that exists on planet earth: cookies. I would love to say there isn’t a cookie I’ve met that I didn’t like. But it’s just not true. I’m very particular about my cookies and you should be too. You owe it to yourself. There are a couple things I’ve learned that might be helpful for you on your own cookie journey:

1. Cookies are a legitimate breakfast food. Actually, a preferred breakfast food.
2. Add some extra flour and chill the dough if you want to bake cakey ones, which is the best kind of cookie.
3. Oatmeal raisin cookies aren’t delicious and can be considered a health food.
4. The only worthy store-bought brands are Soft Batch and Oreos (but those could even be classified as a dessert cracker).
5. I’m starting a petition that fancy hotels should start leaving cookies on your pillow instead of chocolates.
6. The lemon ones at Cake Crumbs in Denver and the chocolate chip ones at 4th Street Deli in Philadelphia top my personal list of best foods in the world. Also, shockingly, so do the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies that Pillsbury makes and were served in my high school cafeteria. Also, obviously, Patsy’s.
7.  If there is an exorbitant amount of butter in your recipe (and there should be), try them frozen because they taste a little bit like an ice cream sandwich. 

*A special thank you to my mother and siblings for the years of research that went into this post. I love you, you cookie monsters. Dad, Newman-O’s didn’t make the list (see #4) … but sampling them growing up did help with my conclusions, so thank you too.


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