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Prioritize The People In Front Of You

They are the ones who are going to feed you for the next year.

Us creatives like to chase the shiny marketing objects. Facebook ads, YouTube, Instagram, IG Stories, IGTV, TikTok, Reels. OMG with the new stuff!!

It’s fun to learn something new. To try to get in at the beginning. To open yourself up to a new audience.

But the people who have already signed your contract and given you money are the very best marketing tool you have!

Because if and when they have a fabulous experience, they become raving fans—evangelists!—of you and your work. They tell everyone.

So the best marketing move you have right this second is treating the people right in front of you like gold. If you give them your best, they’ll love you for it and tell enough people to keep you fed and happy for the next year.

Others First

A pillar of my business is putting others first. Others being my clients. They are a higher priority than making money, my marketing, or a big opportunity. The people who trust me enough to hire me deserve to feel special and like they matter. (Don’t mistake this for me prioritizing my clients over myself or my family. It’s a pillar of my business, not my life. Boundaries are good, people.)

I do this a couple ways. The biggest one is by only working with one client at a time. That way, when we are writing copy for someone, they have our full attention. It makes our clients feel important, which they are.

I never want people to feel like a number or like I don’t have time for them. So me and my writers give them two weeks of focus.

I also try to make my website more about other people than about myself. As a solopreneur, it’s tempting to make your website or your copy about yourself and what you offer. But if you write every line on your site with your clients in mind, it’s easy to make them feel special, prioritized, and cared for.

Bottom line: if you design your business with your clients in mind, it shows. If you put every system and process in place to make their life easier, they’ll feel it. If you build offers that directly solve their most pressing problems, not only will it get you hired, but it will make your clients love you for it.

If you wanna hear more of my thoughts on this, I talked A LOT more on Alora’s podcast last month …

All The Details

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What else you’ll learn:
– Specializing and giving your best to every single client
– Getting off social media
– The Enneagram and how it serves me in life, business, and marriage
– Investing in someone because you feel like they actually care about you

Alora! What fun this was to record. Thank you so much for having me and for giving me the space to do what I do best: talk about copy and vent about motherhood at the same damn time. Love ya for it.

If you’ve listened to the episode and want some extra help DIY-ing your site, I’ve got a guide for that.
If you want to set up a better workflow for your business and write better emails, I’ve got templates for that.

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