Devin Larson — Elopement Photographer

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Copywriting Example:
Backcountry Bohemians


Full website copywriting


We ask a question on our contact form: “What else do we need to know about you and your business?” Devin’s answer to us: “I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.”

Aside from immediately making us laugh, we could tell she was going to be a great fit for our team. She was chomping at the bit to get started. She knew what wasn’t working about her site, as well as what direction she wanted to go. She was sick of staring at her inbox, waiting for inquiries, so she reached out to get some help from the pros.


the rush, the ache, the feeling … of love 


Devin wanted every word on her site to point back to the fact that this day only happens once, and her couples deserve photos that bring back the same feelings every time they see them. She didn’t want to talk about love in a generic way. She wanted the words to really embody how her couples feel during this rush of excitement and energy, planning their wedding. We wanted her copy to capture all the emotions of falling in love, getting engaged, planning the wedding, saying “I do,” and then starting a life together.


On your wedding day you’ll feel:
The “I’m the luckiest person alive” euphoria.
The “can you believe this shit is real” pauses.
The “kiss me again and again…and again” energy.
The “please don’t let this day end” ache.

The everything from your wedding day will be far too rare to ever give up.
And I want to make sure you never have to.


A screenshot of Backcountry Bohemians Photography's website in a copywriting example case study


Devin is so incredibly committed to her clients and she approached her project with us with that same passion. She wanted to pour herself into this website, alongside us. We love when people trust us as the experts, but we love even more when we can tell people really care about what we create together. And Devin absolutely did. Our writer Erika felt like she had a partner in Devin through this and that makes our job not only easier, but way more fun.



“The best part about working with GCS is that they actually care about you, your business, your business goals, and your clients. While reading the questionnaire you can tell that the team realllllyyyyy want to know you and know you well! They want to infuse you in ever part of your copy.

When I opened my finished copy for the first time I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh or cry. 

How did they know me almost better than I knew myself? I am so excited to move forward with copy that actually sounds like me, reflects my values, and delivers for my clients. It’s something I can repurpose for my social for my emails, all of my client touch points! 

Since the new copy and site have been up, every single inquiry has mentioned some line on my website that they connected with and they have all booked me without batting an eye. The GCS team is truly amazing!


Also? It takes a village. This stunning site came to life because of Nikki from Made By NF. She totally caught Devin’s vision and combined our words with such a unique look. Go check her out!


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