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Headshot of Emma Flanagan smiling at the camera while playing with her hair used in a copywriting example case study

Copywriting Example:
Emma Flanagan Photography


Full website copywriting

Emma is a gal who knows what she wants. And we absolutely adore that about her. She has a full-time job in tech and because she’s such a high achiever, that wasn’t quite enough for her. So she also runs a wildly successful photography business. When she came to us, she was doing a little bit of everything: senior portraits, families, headshots, etc. After a few conversations, we realized that senior photographer was really what had her heart. So we wrote the entire site to that audience, painting her as the expert she is and diving into the title of “Senior Photographer.”




An assumption we initially made that was wrong: we thought that the moms of these seniors would be emotional about it. We thought the copy would need to tap into that last-year-of-school feeling. But after several interviews with Emma’s clients, we realized that wasn’t the case at all. These parents are busy and they need to check this off the list. Emma needs to be the easiest choice for them. They need to be able to trust her professionalism and her talent.


Fun enough for your senior,
professional enough for you.

Does that sound like what you’re after?
I want to talk right to you, the parent of this amazing senior, just for a sec.
After all, I know you’re the one reading this website.
You’re the one checking “Hire Columbus photographer for senior pictures” off the to-do list.

I also know your teen’s comfort and happiness means more to you than anything.
I’m here for you both.”

A screenshot of Emma Flanagan Photography's website in a copywriting example case study


This was such a fun challenge because we got to really dig into the research. Emma has a really interesting customer journey because seniors find her on Instagram and then their parents are the ones who read the site. We had to balance both audiences carefully, convincing both parties that Emma was right for them. Emma trusted the research immensely and that made our job not only easy, but fun. 



If you’re seeking a team that not only understands the pulse of your brand but also delivers results that exceed expectations, look no further than Green Chair Stories. 

They didn’t just listen; they absorbed every nuance of my vision, and with their expertise, transformed it into a compelling narrative that resonated deeply with my target audience. Rachel wove words that not only complimented my stunning visuals but also acted as a magnet, drawing in potential clients.

But the magic didn’t stop there. Jess, the organizational genius behind Green Chair Stories, ensured that every aspect of our collaboration flowed seamlessly. Her attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence ensured that no stone was left unturned. With her at the helm, communication with clients was not just efficient but exemplary.

What truly sets them apart is their dedication to understanding not just the surface of your brand but its very soul. They didn’t just craft words; they crafted an experience—a journey that resonated with authenticity and passion. Their ability to tap into the heart of my business and articulate it with such clarity left me in awe.

Thanks to their efforts, my brand’s voice now sings with clarity and purpose. The results speak for themselves—stronger leads, a deeper connection with my ideal clients, and a newfound confidence in my message.”

Also? It takes a village. Chelsea from Lennox Creative took our words and designed a gorgeous Showit site for Emma. She took the vision in all of our heads and put it on the page.

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