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Headshot of Rachel Bond in parking lot used in a copywriting example case study

Copywriting Example:
Rachel Bond Photo


Full website copywriting

Rachel slid into our inbox when at a point when a lot of photographers do. She already hired a designer (the incredible Karima from Karima Creative) and it was time for her to turn in her copy. Next to professional design, she wasn’t satisfied with the words she came up with on her own. She needed the words to be as electric as her own work and the beautiful design. She was thrilled to hand it over to us and we were just as happy to handle the copy for her!





Honestly, we could have chosen so many great words: spicy, unconventional, chemistry, vibes, rock n’ roll. Rachel and her work are all of those things. But an idea we kept coming back to was that she unleashes inhibition for people. Everything she creates is a result of people getting UNtamed. She creates that safe space for her clients and we wanted to make sure that come across loud and clear on the site.


“There’s no way to anticipate when you’ll give into a kiss, what jokes will make you snort laugh, or the color pink your cheeks will turn when flashing a cheeky smile.

But one thing is for sure: when you two are together, having a kickass time is inevitable. Welcome me into your untamed, unapologetically-human moments and I promise that your love will be evident in every single photo.”

A screenshot of Rachel Bond Photography's website in a copywriting example case study


We loved how much Rachel trusted us. She has a very clear vision and perspective about her art. She communicates so much just through her images. She trusted us to take that perspective and write words that both sounded like her and resonated with her ideal client. We were blown away by how the site turned out and we can’t wait to watch Rachel’s business explode!



“Before booking the Green Chair Stories team to write my site copy, I was feeling very scatterbrained with what I wanted to say. I’m 100% a people pleaser, so I found it hard to write for my ideal client in the fear that it would scare others off. They held my hand and supported me so I was able to get past that. Their methods and questionnaire helped me really dig deep and hone in on my voice. Now I feel confident and excited to move forward. I can’t wait for all of the rad clients I know are coming my way!”

Also? It takes a village.
This project came to life with the wonderful Karima Creative, who designed a custom brand + website for Rachel.

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