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This project quickly became one of our team’s very favorites because we got to do the opposite of what we normally do. Usually, photographers or videographers come to us wanting to break into the luxury market. But Max + Courtney? They wanted to bust out of it. They were doing a full rebrand: new name, new website, new copy, and most importantly, MORE FUN. 


the whole story



Our favorite thing about Max + Courtney is that they aren’t just wedding videographers. They tell the whole story of a couple. They interview their clients, asking them how they met, how they fell in love, and the whole road that led them to “I do.” This gives their films layers of complexity and context that separate them from most videographers. We adored it and wanted to highlight it!


“Nostalgia is truly one of the greatest human weaknesses, second only to the neck … 

Let’s capture the “casual Friday jeans” type of love. We want to film the two of you in your element whether that’s bowling, getting matching tattoos, or playing board games with the fam. These moments will be weaved into your wedding film to show how beautiful your love is not just when you’re all dolled up on your wedding day, but every-single-day. When you’re the weirdest and truest versions of yourself.


Whenever someone comes to us and says, “We wanna be more fun,” we literally have to hold back our excitement. Our own brand voice is focused on fun, so it’s always a hoot to tap into that side of our copywriter brains. Our writer, Erika, absolutely nailed this voice and had the best time doing it. If you read through the site, you’ll see touches of fun and humor in every.single.section.



“When we were looking for website copy, we had heard of Green Chair from a few friends that loved them. However … we’re very cautious people when we choose to outsource anything that reflects our business. After some time doing our research, we felt like there were a ton of website copy brands that were all about sales and leads as their focus. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but we had a very unique brand personality that needed to be expressed properly through words…

THIS is where Green Chair shined the most. When we got our copy back, we couldn’t believe what they came up with. They executed our vision, ideas and most importantly, our personalities in everything they typed out. It was incredible. If you’re looking to take your branding to the absolute next level… Green Chair the way to go… no questions.”

Also? It takes a village. The Creative Cabana made this copy absolutely shine with the branding and web design they created for The Smiths! We are absolutely in love with their whole site.

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