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Copywriting Example:
Sarah Brookhart Photography


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In our very humble opinion, Sarah does luxury the right way. The un-stuffy way. The personal way. When she messaged us last year, she was raising her prices and she knew she needed a new website and message to match these higher prices. But she didn’t want to lose the real, emotional, genuine side of her that often gets lost in luxury markets. She connects with each of her couples so meaningfully and wanted us to create website copy that still drew in couples looking for that kind of connection with their photographer.


a story that’s yours



Sarah’s favorite weddings have been the ones where couples do only what’s meaningful to them. They don’t keep every tradition on the table, and they highlight the parts of their relationship that led up to this monumental day. She gets to know what’s important to them and then documents it so they have it forever. We wanted to reiterate that they are in charge of their story and she’s in charge of the memories.


“There’s this second after you make official official. When you clasp each other’s hands to walk back down the aisle, married. It’s this emotional, absolutely true moment that shows all the love and work it took to get here. I adore capturing that exact second when joy is written all over your face.

I mean, what’s better than that?



A better question is “What didn’t we love?” This quickly became one of our favorite sites we’ve written. Not only did Sarah trust us, but she was so invested in our process. She wanted to dig into the research and understand her clients in the way we did. She wanted to know what people loved about the process and how she could make it even stronger. She cares so deeply about what she does and who she serves and honestly? It’s impossible not to like this gal. Our writer Jenny fed off that energy and was able to create a site that matched Sarah’s infectious passion and personality.



“I cannot speak highly enough about working with Green Chair Stories. As a wedding photographer, I tried to just let the photos on my website speak for themselves to bring in a luxury market and clientele, but that just wasn’t enough. The copy that I had written myself simply wasn’t cutting it, wasn’t unique to me and my business, and was lackluster at best. I was so impressed with how thorough they are in truly getting to know me, as a person, so that my website copy reflected that. It’s evident that Rachel and her team are experienced, professional experts and nothing less. I have had so many friends and family tell me the copy sounds just like me. It’s the perfect combination of personable and professional. I feel confident scaling and growing my business having worked with Green Chair Stories. You should do it too!”

Also? It takes a village. This project came to life with the help of a custom brand + web design by the ever-so-talented Karima Creative.

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